intoxicating voice (baby, were you born with that?)

Katie, Taylor and I walked around the mall for a while after that. Katie and I talked about everything. She told me about what it was like to tour with a band, and what it was like to see the world. Taylor didn't talk much. He seemed to be somewhere else. I really wasn't listening to Katie either because i was staring at Taylor the whole time. How could such an obnoxious kid have turned into such a gorgeous guy? L.A. had changed him. I couldnt get the past how gorgeous he was. He was flawless. Nothing out of place. Mysterious. "Where are you living now, Taylor?" I asked. "L.A." He answered. "Hollywood, actually. I got a condo there." Wow. He was perfect. Finally, Taylor seemed to remember something then. He stopped and looked at his watch. "Shit. Girls, whe'd better get back to the hotel. I told Ike and Zac we'd we there by six. Since I reserved thier rooms, they cant get in them without me." Katie said, "Can't you just call and tell them to let them in thier rooms?" Taylor shook his head. "They won't do it." "Can't they just use thier own damned cards to get in??" Kalie said, looking amused. "No. Because theres only a certin amount of rooms becasue alot are taken becasue of the holiday. I already reserved some." It was almost New Years. His voice was intoxicating. Sexy and husky. Damn. "Well, then lets go I guess..." Katie said, staring longingly at the Express, which was having a 40% off sale. We started walking out of the mall to th parking lot. Katie said, "Taylor, guess what? Gail likes you. She thinks your really hot." Oh lord. Thank you, Katie. I looked conviently away. Taylor smiled for the first time I'd seen him. But it was a strange smile, different. "Yeah Gail? Well, we'll see what comes out of that." I was stunned. What did he mean? He had actually addressed me. Talked to me. "Uh, yeah." I muttered, Katie looked huge, her head looming above me like a mean giant. Damn her. She was mocking me. That was the day I started being obsessed with Taylor Hanson. I was never the same after that.

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