who do you love? (do they make you feel?)

Now, here I was, waiting to meet her again. Oh lord. I missed her sooo much. But as she walked up to me, smiling a mile wide, swinging her purse, her belly button thingy glinting in the light, I know hadn’t changed. I hugged her and squealed. “Katie!!” I asked her how was everything. New York? Reno? China? I was so happy. She smiled and sat down. “Oh Gail, meet Taylor. He’s the lead in Hanson. The last time you saw him, he was what, 9? But, Damn, is he not just adorable now? ” I just stared. He put out his hand to shake it, and it took me second to register, I was so in shock. This guy was NOT adorable. This guy was HOT. Beyond hot, this guy was GORGEOUS. This guy was not from around her. He was as Hollywood as they get. He was wearing a designer button up shirt (silk) and black leather pants (Armani) and perfectly shiny black boots. I'd never seen anyone as gorgeous as he was. Wow. He did not fit in with the crowd of Old Navy wearing teenyboppers around this mall, for sure. “Hey Gail.” Hey, baby, let’s get it on. "Hi." “Well girl, isn’t he just a babe? “ She said, pulling his hair back and kissing his neck quickly. I got they were close. He pulled away and rolled his eyes. “Try to control yourself in a public place, Katie.” He sneered with a slight smile on his lips. Well, maybe not. “Uh, yeah.” I muttered, praying to god I wouldn’t faint and start fantasizing in my sleep about him and start jerking off on the mall floor. Katie looked amused. She knew he was perfection its self, right down to his flawless skin and the little veins on his well developed biceps. He got up and said, “I’m going to get some coffee to go before we leave, do you want anything? Gail, you too? “ Katie said, ‘Yeah, thanks. Get me a tall skim latte. No foam.” I managed to shake my head no. He nodded and left. Katie was smiling . I turned my head from watching his beautiful silhouette walk over to the Starbucks, and I saw she was practically grinning like an idiot at me. “You like him, girl. You are so lost.” Despite herself, she laughed. I took a slightly desperate drink of my coke. She always knew. ”Oh, ‘course I do. Who didn’t you tell me was FUCKING GORGEOUS??” I asked, slightly screaming. “Shh…’ She laughed. “I told you he was a babe. You said how could he be hot now because when He was younger he looked like a girl?” She looked smug. I had said that. Damn. “You don’t think he’s gorgeous?” I asked. ‘Oh girl, helllll yeah, I do. But he’s so, I don’t know, not there. Hard to reach. But I still try.” She looked almost sad. ‘I want him too, and believe me, I try all the time. He’s afraid to get intimate, he’s been hurt a lot, or something………” she trailed off. “But I’d love to fuck him. Maybe someday. I feel for you. “ I looked back at him waiting in line, and saw a girl do a double take while passing him. Ha. “Is he a rich snob?” I asked. I don’t know why I asked that, it just popped up. I guess I just wanted to know what was wrong with him, if anything. “Nah. He’s just been hurt a lot by the media and girls and everyone he’s ever loved, it seems like. He’s very hard. He’s put up a barrier up between him and other people. He doesn’t want to love. Or care. He wants to be indifferent.” I thought about that. i know right then, that I understood him in a way. "But he’s not” She looked very, very sad right then. “No, he’s not.”

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