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2/9/02 ~ 12/2/15

Magic is Chris' dog, and Chris picked out both his call name and registered name. He was born Feb. 9, 2002, and came home to us on April 5, 2002. We really love this guy! He is full of personality, very loving, and as handsome as can be. Mom is sure enjoying her chance to show this boy and compete in agility, conformation and Rally with him. He loves to sleep on Chris' bed and play with his boy!

Magic completed his ASCA Championship on July 4, 2004. He is our very first Ch.! He also had the honor of being the ASC of WA's 2004 ROM Conformation Class Dog of the Year, and the ASC of WA's 2005 Champion Conformation Dog of the Year. He completed his CKC Championship on May 19, 2006!

Magic is out of Ch. Patriot Games of Ironhorse (Bubba) x Ch. Topgun's Crusin' in the Fast Lane (Mercedes). See his pedigree and family pictures. His breeder is Jeany Llapitan of Topgun Aussies. Thank-you so much to Jeany for letting Chris pick this wonderful boy! We love him! He has made a lot of my dreams come true.

Great News! Magic's OFA results are in! His hips are "Good" and his elbows are "Normal"! His eyes are cleared and CERFd yearly. Magic has been DNA'd through ASCA, and is now DNA-CP, as well as DNA profiled through AKC #V395030.

Magic is now competing in AKC, ASCA and NADAC agility, plus AKC Rally Obedience! Watch for him at performance events in the Pacific Northwest!

Agility Dog!! (Left)

Magic made his agility debut at the ASC of WA NADAC/ASCA trial Feb. 5 & 6, 2005, and managed to Q in every run. He now has his Novice Jumpers (JS-N, NJC) and Novice Gamblers (GS-N, NGC) titles for both NADAC and ASCA! He had his first AKC agility competition on Feb. 12 & 13, 2005. He double Q'd both days for his first two legs towards both his NA and his NAJ titles. A great way to start off! March 12 & 13, 2005. Magic completed his NA and NAJ titles this weekend at the Seattle KC Agility trial. April 17, 2005. Magic earned his first OA leg. May 15, 2005 Magic earned his 2nd OA leg! June 4 & 5, 2005 We had our 2nd ASCA/NADAC trial, and Magic completed his Novice Regular (RS-N, NAC) and Open Jumpers (JS-O, OJC) titles, with an Open Regular Q and an Open Gamblers Q as well! June 25, 2005 Magic earned his second Open Gamble Q today for his Open Gamblers (GS-O, OGC) titles at the RAT ASCA/NADAC trial. July 23 & 24, 2005 Magic earned his second Open Regular leg and first Elite Jumpers leg at the BEDOG ASCA/NADAC trial this weekend! Aug. 11, 2005 Magic earned his 2nd OAJ leg today at the Westie AKC trial. Sept. 24, 2005 Magic earned his 3rd Open Standard leg to complete his AKC OA title! Oct. 30, 2005 Magic Qd in Open Jumpers today to complete his OAJ title! Nov. 6, 2005 Magic earned his first Ex. A standard leg today! Good boy! Nov. 25-27, 2005 Magic completed his ASCA/NADAC Open Regular titles (RS-O, OAC) at the ZAP Trial this weekend, along with his Elite Jumpers titles (JS-E, EJC). What a great first year of agility competition he's had! Photo by Infinite Exposures.

2006 Agility Updates: Magic started 2006 off right with an Elite Jumpers Q and a Chances Q (for his first Elite Gambler's leg) at the 2/11 & 2/12 RAT ASCA/NADAC trial! 6/4/06 Magic got two Elite Regular legs, and his second Elite Chances (Gamblers) leg at the ZAP NADAC trial. Only one more to go in each for his Elite titles! 6/8/06 Magic got his first AKC Ex. JWW leg today! 7/7/06 Magic got an Elite Jumpers leg today at the Mudpack ASCA trial! 9/16 and 9/17/06 We had a great time at the EAT NADAC trial this weekend! 2 Elite Jumpers Qs, and a Q in Regular to complete Magic's EAC title!

2007 Agility Updates: Magic Q'd at the Poodle Club trial on 4/20/07 to earn Leg #3, first place and his AX title! Yipee!! 6/4/07 Magic Q'd in both Jumpers runs at the ZAP NADAC trial! Magic had the summer off of Agility, but came back on 9/16/07 at the EAT NADAC trial with a leg in Novice Touch and Go (first game ever!) and leg #9 in Elite Jumpers! 11/23/07 at the ZAP trial, Magic Qd in Elite Jumpers to finish his Outstanding Elite Jumpers title and Qd in Touch and Go for Leg #2. 11/24/07 Magic had Q #3 in Novice Touch and Go to complete his TG-N Title! in 3 straight tries. !

2008-2010 Agility Updates Magic has beenworking through his weave pole issues, has had some recent breakthroughs (late 2009 and early 2010). Since our last update, Magic has completed his ASCA Elite Gamblers title, plus his NADAC Elite Touch and Go and Elite Tunnelers titles, along with his Novice Hoopers - and best of all, his Novice Weavers in Feb. 2010! That gives Magic his NADAC Novice Versatility Award! I'm so tickled! Hopefully, he'll be ready to resume AKC agility competition soon.

See More of Magic's Agility Pictures!

Conformation Dog!!

Magic has had a fabulous conformaton career! I couldn't have asked for a better dog to play with. He has more than exceeded my wildest dreams! I'm so proud of this boy.

Magic was Premiere 10 Champion Dog on 11/9/08 under Breeder judge Erica Peters-Pruitt at the
ASCU Pre-Show at the 2008 Nationals Circuit in Las Vegas, NV!
Photo by Rich Bergman Photography(Below)
Magic took 2nd place in the Veteran 7-9 Sweepstakes class on 9/29/09 at the 2009 ASCA Nationals in Greeley, CO, over 19 dogs! Thanks to judge Gemi Sasson-Brickson for this nice win! Hard to believe Magic is a Veteran already! Magic has been everything we could have hoped for, and more!

Check out Magic's Show Win Pictures!


Magic has started competing in Rally-O, earning his first leg in Lyndon with a score of 89, and his second leg June 10, 2006 in Puyallup with a score of 95! Aug. 19, 2006 Magic completed his RN Title today with a score of 94, under judge Sue Cox. RN Title Photo by Adeanna Hume. Aug. 20, 2006 Magic earns his first Rally Advanced leg! Oct. 13 and 14, 2007 Magic earned his 2nd and 3rd Advanced legs, with scores of 84 and 85, and two 3rd place wins, to complete his Rally Advanced (RA) title! Magic earned his first two Rally Excellent legs on Jan. 10 & 11, 2009 with scores of 71 (nice judge - really lucky for us!!) and 92 and 3rd place.

(Below) Magic heeling out of the down position in the Puyallup Trial. Photo by Paragon Photography.

More Rally-O!!

(Right) Magic heeling at the Puyallup Trial. Photo by Paragon Photography.

(Below) Magic's RE title picture, earned at the Tacoma KC trial in Puyallup, 1/16/10, with a score of 83.

Handsome Boy!!

(Left) Magic at 5 weeks old. (Below) This beautiful head shot was taken by Jan Weiser at about 2 years old. What a lovely boy!

What a Love!

Chris proudly holds his new baby at 5 weeks on the right, and Magic gives Chris kisses at Jeany's the night we went to bring him home at 8 weeks. SO CUTE!

Magic Herding

Magic qualified for his Herding Instince Certificate on ducks at the instinct test on June 22, 2002, when he was only 4 1/2 months old. Thanks so much to Jenn Petlig for taking him to the test for us when we couldn't go. He requalified on sheep at 6 1/2 months old on Aug. 31, 2002 (below). Joe said he is a quiet worker, with lots of presence for such a youngster. Chris is so proud of Magic's first title!

Chris and Magic

(Left) Chris started out showing Magic in Juniors and conformation. He got 4th in this big Juniors class at the ASC of WA 4th of July shows in 2002. (Below Chris and Magic with the Ribbons from the weekend in 2002, including Magic's BOSP Puppy win in the huge non-regular puppy classes that weekend!

More Pictures of Magic and Friends

First Day at home! Buddies already.

Magic snuggling with Chris at 4 months on the left, and giving Dad (oops - GRANDPA) kisses at 8 weeks old on the right! What a tongue! (Even as an adult, he is still known for his (very!) long slurpy tongue!

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