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Welcome to the Great Aussie Alki Adventure!

Once upon a time . . .

The Hefti family had a lonely Australian Shepherd named Duncan. Duncan was missing his buddy Andy, and didn't like being an only dog very well. So, the Mommy and the Daddy and the boys decided Duncan needed a NEW friend. His new friend arrived by plane on Aug. 29, 2001. The Hefti family named this new baby Merlin. In honor of Merlin's arrival, the Mommy's friend, Janet, came to visit them in Seattle. As a special treat while Janet was visiting, everyone packed up into the Big Black Van (including the lucky Aussies!) and took a trip to Alki Beach in West Seattle. This is the pictorial account of their fun day at the beach!

Everyone had great fun in the sun, playing in the sand, surf and seaweed! Janet and Merlin enjoy a break on the log, while Duncan and Merlin watch that sneaky water. (It kept trying to ATTACK them! Just when they weren't looking, it would come up and GET THEIR FEET WET!) Check out Chris swimming in that COLD Puget Sound water below! To see larger versions of the pictures below, click on the picture. Then click the back button in your browser to come back to this page.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit with us, and our Aussie Adventure at Alki Beach! As you can see from this last picture of Duncan, this is . . .


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