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Once, there was a princess of Jurai.

Eight years young, she had a smile that could warm the depths
of space and eyes deeper than the clearest spring fed pools.
And her family took strength from her kind spirit, relying on her support during the darkest of moments.
But time passes on, and the seasons turn. There is birth and there is death.
Twenty years can pass in a blur, mostly peaceful moments slipping by.
And a princess grows up happily only to face a suddenly uncertain and unwanted future.
Untried and untested, she will come to know that the darkest moments can be found in the mind, and
evil comes in many faces which are not always bathed in darkness.

In the end a life will be taken.
In the end another shall be reborn.
And in that moment, two young women will be faced with
the choice of accepting their identities at a time when
all of Jurai is brought to its knees.

Welcome to the NNFS First Cycle! These chapters contain the original movement of the story on Earth, where the tale begins. This series deals with the Masaki residence some 20 years after the end of the OVA series. Many changes have occured in that time, and characters grow with the passing of years. Primarily dealing with Sasami and a few other central characters, this story is somewhat dark when compared to the usual Tenchi universe. However, I've made great strides to keep everyone in character and give them real challenges and issues to overcome. I hope you enjoy every chapter!

For those of you who have emailed me, I thank you! Your kind words and criticisms have helped me stay focused! As always, your comments are encouraged by use of the ever convenient email icon to your left.