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Stuff I Like
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Here are some of my interests.  Study them hard and you too can be successful!

bulletMusic - Being a young white male just trying to make it in society, I stereotypically listen to a wide variety of rock and roll jams.  My three favorite bands however are Tool, Deftones, and A Perfect Circle.  Maynard and Chino should take over the world.  Check out these sites to enrich your lives.
bulletA Perfect Circle
bulletShopping - Now I know that it appears to the rest of society that I'm living the "high life."  Well......I am.  And it's all because of a little place called ebay.  So how about all of you stop paying retail for everything and go save some damn money.  GO TO EBAY!!
bulletSports - As far as sports go there are really only two that I actually care about; hockey and NASCAR.  First let me touch upon the great sport from our neighbors up north.  Hockey is the greatest sport ever and the NHL is the greatest league ever.  As soon as hockey season rolls around that's basically what I schedule my life around.  I've been watching hockey for over 10 years now and I have been following the Pittsburgh Penguins since the beginning.  And even though they suck now, you just wait.........they'll be back in playoff contention in a couple seasons.  Now onto NASCAR.  I've only been following this sport for about three years now but I've already been to three races and they are the greatest things ever.  For anyone who talks crap about racing and how boring it is I guarantee you that if you go to one Nextel Cup race you'll be a fan for life.  And since I'm from Hampton, VA I have to root for my main man Ricky Rudd who grew up about 30 minutes from there in Chesapeake, VA.  You just can't stop the number 21 Motorcraft Ford.  As far as the NBA and especially major league baseball go, I hope both leagues and all who are associated with them drop off the face of the earth.  So go to these websites and be a real sports fan, not a dirty, democrat, b-ballin with my new Nikes designed to look like the H-2, crying cause I only make 450 billion dollars to swing a piece of wood once every half hour, sellout.

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