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Hire Me
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Here's my resume.  Feel free to hire me!!


1380 Hunters Road Apt. J

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Phone (757) 344-0871


Kevin Tromly


[  Aug. 2002 Present ] James Madison University         Harrisonburg, VA



Awards received

Army ROTC PT Award and Professor of Military Science Academic Award

Interests and activities

My interests include NASCAR, the NHL, cooking, working out, and taking care of my pet ball python.  Activities that I participate in include playing on various soccer teams throughout the JMU campus, mountain biking, and snow skiing.


English and German

Work experience

[  July 2003 ]                 I Love Hydroponics                       Richmond, VA

Store Operator

     Handled all sales, product orders, and inventory issues

Extracurricular activities

I am a member of the James Madison University Duke Batallion.


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