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Here are all the stupid animals that live at my apartment.  Except for snake, he's as smart as they come.

"Pet ownership is full of tough calls."

-Vic Romano-

               This is a picture of me and my snake.  He's a ball python and is about 6 or 7 years old.  I've currently had him for 3 years.  He enjoys swinging on his vine, being misted, and eating mice. 
These are the ferrets, Ghost and Max.  They belong to two of my roommates.  I hate them with a passion.  They are the stupidest animals ever and I can't wait to feed them to snake.
This is drew.  I know that he appears to look like a normal roommate but he must be closely monitored and cleaned up after.  He's more of a nuisance than a pet, but I'll still put him under this category.


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