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September 28, 2003

Three more chapters added to The Crystal Messiah :)

September 26, 2003

I have added a new fanfic by Devan Starr called The Crystal Messiah - yes, folks, another long-awaited Oyuki fic! We need more of these in the world :) I also added a link to Wrath Of The Dark Turtle, co-written by Jephael and myself. You can find the link here!

July 2, 2003

Okay, not really an update. Just here to tell you that I have not yet fallen off the edge of the earth! I did post a correction to the song "Outside" - many thanks to Jennifer for that!

Feb 22, 2003

Yes, the prodigal Turtle returns :) Check out the home page for what is up!

June 21, 2002

Can you believe it has been almost a year since I have updated? I can't! In my defence, we were without internet access for most of that time (excluding a two-week span in December when we went to my dad's house for Christmas). To fill you in a little bit, Erica is five years old and will be starting school this autumn. Our baby Isaiah is nine months old and is adorable! He is starting to learn how to walk now. I'll add some pictures to the site later with both of them in it.

In the meantime, I've changed my e-mail address to if anyone wants to write to me. If you have written to me and never gotten a response, I apologize. I hadn't used my old e-mail in so long they closed it.

I won't be able to update too often, given the fact that I am now chasing two kids around the house, but I will sure try!

Bye for now!

July 31, 2001

Yes, I know.... Rest assured that I have been REALLY busy IRL lately (The ultrasound showed that it is a boy and that he is doing perfectly! Still due on Oct 10) The only reason I am getting a chance to update now is because I have come down with some kind of bug and don't have the energy to do anything else right now.

But anyway, I added eight new songs to the Soundtrack Project. There are still a lot more that people have sent to me, but to be honest, I don't know WHEN I'll get around to them. I'll try, though :-) There is also a chance that I have lost the song you sent to me, so if it isn't up here, go ahead and send it to me again.

I added Chapter Four to Jackie's story Tale Of The Lilly. And I put Leonardo And The Girl on my fic page (Some know of this story - my daughter acted it out and I wrote it down). On a downer note, I took "Kith And Kin" And "Persistence Of Memory" off the pages, since I will not have the chance to do anything on them for a VERY long time. Sorry, folks!

I also added the awards I won for the Third Annual TMNT Fanfic Awards to my Fanfic page. Yippee!!!! :-)

There are also three more pictures here, if anyone is interested. They are at the bottom of the page.

That's it for now! Later!

April 29, 2001

Not too big of an update, but I added a new fic by Jackie! It is called "Tale Of The Lilly" and you can find it here. Sorry it took me so long, Jackie!

I will be adding more songs soon (please be patient with me - I am behind on everything lately)

On the personal front, I finished redecorating Erica's room and she and her gramma will be back from Massachusetts this Tuesday or Wednesday :-)

March 17, 2001

Number one, let me tell you that I put up two fics by Jackie! Check these out, folks :-)

I also changed my Fanfic page a little and put the stories themselves on a different page.

I added five songs to the Soundtrack Project - two with pictures.

And speaking of pictures, I added five to this page and one to the sketches page.

I added a link to the picture that Javvi did for my story Something Wicked on that page.

There are a few more things scattered here and there, but I'm going to make you look for them :-) Ciao!

Feb. 26, 2001

I've had these updates sitting around for a while, actualy - finaly got them put up :-) Anyway, I'll start by saying that I added pictures to five songs: I Ain't Ever Satisfied, Prelude / Angry Young Man, Sun And Steel, We Are The Ones, and To Be A Man.

I added two family pics here... you gotta' check these ones out :-) I added a drawing that Erica did of her Grampa Jim - you'll find that here at the bottom of the page. And I added a sketch I did of Leo - that is on my Sketch page.

Finaly, I added the first chapters of two fics. Kith And Kin is the sequel to Displaced and is told by Jim. This first chapter is short.

The Persistence Of Memory is a drama based in the Archie universe. Again - it is only the first chapter. It will get more interesting, honest! I started this one forever ago and redid it, then redid it again - hid the floppy so I wouldn't have to look at it, then found it again and said "what the hell" and started it over fresh - then changed the title. Ugh... well, there it is :-)

Feb. 16, 2001

Another big update. Life gets dull what Jason isn't around. *Sigh*

First of all, I added a new story I wrote late at night last week (late at night is when most of my stories get written... have you noticed?) It is called RAMIE and is told by Michaelangelo. Sexual content and adult themes. This is definately NOT a happy fic...

I added eleven new songs to the Soundtrack - three of them with pictures. I also added pictures to How The Years Go By, Indestructible , and We Are One.

There is a new section on my Art page. This section is for Manips I have made. None very good, but fun as heck to do :-)

Feb. 3, 2001

Here you go... a more substantial update :-)

First of all, what I got rid of. I took the Quotes page down and it may be a while before I get it back up again. I'm collecting more quotes to add to it :-)

On to the updates: I added a page full of Stuff. I guess I don't know what else to call it :-) I have humor and pics and, well... stuff. I added my Why page to it, as well as the Test / Profile page.

I changed the look of the Art page. It looks like the home page now. I added four pictures to Erica's Page - this time she did Donny, Leo, Splinter, and Shredder :-) Now I have to get her to do April :-)

The biggest biggie is that I added scanned comic pics to some of the songs on the Soundtrack. The songs with the picture of Tiny above them have the pictures. I added nine new songs, too - with pictures to go with eight of them. I'll be adding more pictures over time until the picture pages become the rule rather than the exception.

I am working on a few stories right now, including "Kith And Kin" - a sequel to Displaced - which should have part one up soon.

Whew... I need a break :-)

Jan. 26, 2001

This is just an art update. Yup... that's it. One pic I did like three months ago is on my Art Page, and Erica drew pictures of our family. You can find those on Erica's Page :-)

A bigger update is in the works... keep an eye out!

Jan. 10, 2001

Well, there are no new pics, but I put up two stories that I had previously only had on FanFiction.Net - those stories are Something Wicked and Oyuki's story, When She Loved Me.

There are also two new songs, but they both go along with the stories :-) They are Lock And Key and When She Loved Me (duh :-)

Jan. 3, 2001

My first update of the new millenium! Well, it isn't much of an update, but I added five new songs to the Soundtrack pages and fixed up some freaky links. Next update should be bigger - I'll be puting up stories and maybe some more pics.

There's a new background on Oyuki's Page, too.

Also, this site was chosen as Angelfire's site of the day for Dec. 22, 2000... Yipee! :-) Thanks to everyone for all the love :-)

Dec. 11, 2000

I added an ART page! Don't flip out... it's mediocre stuff :-)

I also added a new short story, Things To Do Before You Die on the Fanfic page. This one has Oyuki in it and is actualy kinda' dumb, but it was fun to write :-)

Dec. 4, 2000

Added six new songs to the Soundtrack (some I had sitting around from a long while back) Things got crazy when my comp went wacky and I haven't gotten to all the songs that have been sent to me - but I promise to get to them soon! If you want you can even write and bug me about it :-)

I also added pictures and such to Oyuki's Page.

Nov. 30, 2000

Made a new guestbook (since my old one went weird). You can sign it from the home page (ahem... hint, hint :-)