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Okay... here on this page I'll hook you up with all the stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else on my site. That'll be humor, pictures, and all sorts of, well... stuff. Have fun!

The universal question... why did I make a TMNT page?

TMNT - Go Figure...
Uhm... a mishmash of random TMNT thoughts and coinicdences... I got bored and threw them together.

You Know You Have TMNT On The Brain When...
Yes, another "you know" list! Many of these are a product of personal experience...

Profiles / Test
Are you a Raph? A Leo? Let's find out, shall we?

Misc. Pix
I have about a ton of old magazines and stuff sitting around the house... I couldn't let all that go to waste!

For those of you with morbid curriosity... pictures of me and my family... you have been warned.

Dave Barry Does Japan
Have you read this book? :-)

More stuff coming soon!