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The Battle of Fredericksburg December 11-13, 1862

Fredericksburg, VA

For more historical information on the battle please refer to the National Park service Fredericksburg Battlefield web page.

Lee Drive


This is the Calvin Coolidge marker located at the entrance to Lee Drive

Bernard Cabins

The shaded area is the site of the Bernard Cabin.  During the Battle a Confederate Artillery Battery was located there.

The is another photo taken on the site of the Bernard Cabin.

Lee (Telegraph Hill)


Howison Hill


Howison Hill 

These guns are located on Howison Hill.  Howison Hill is adjacent to the south of Lee Hill.

Another shot of Howison Hill

This photo was taken about 100 yards south of Howison Hill

Hoods Line

This is a picture of what Confederate General John Hood's division faced during the battle. Had Federal troops attack they would've had to attack across this open ground without the cover of the trees that are in this shot today.

This is Deep Run.  It is located about two miles south of town.

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