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The Battle of Fredericksburg December 11-13, 1862

Fredericksburg, VA

This is Park Historian and Oregon native, Mac Wyckoff at Prospect Hill


For more historical information on the battle please refer to the National Park service Fredericksburg Battlefield web page.


Page 1     Visitor Center, Sunken Road

Page 2     Marye's Heights & National Cemetery

Page 3     Prospect Hill

Page 4     Chatham

Page 5     Lee drive

Page 6     Downtown (Civil War Era)

Page 7     Marye's Heights part 2

Page 8     Chatham

Page 9     Downtown

Page 10   Chatham

Page 11   Chatham

Page 12   Luminaria

Page 13   Luminaria

Page 14   Chatham

Page 15   Chatham

Page 16   Sunken Road

Page 17   Sunken Road

Page 18   Luminaria

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