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The Battle of Fredericksburg December 11-13, 1862

Fredericksburg, VA

For more historical information on the battle please refer to the National Park service Fredericksburg Battlefield web page.

Civil War Era, Downtown Fredericksburg

This is the Rappahanock river looking upstream.  This was the location of the middle pontoon crossing.  The bridge in this photo is the train bridge, it would have been burned out at the time of the battle.


This is the Irish Brigade Monument. It is located near the Middle Pontoon crossing site on the south end of Fredericksburg. 


This house is the Stratton house it is one of the few houses that provided cover for the Union during the attacks against the Sunken Road.  The Stratton house is privately owned today.


The Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church


The Presbyterian Church with the Courthouse on the left

This was taken from Marye's Heights 

The previous two are shots of the Presbyterian Church Steeple as seen from across the river at Chatham 

The Checkered building is about 1/2 mile from the confederate lines, or about the starting point of the union attacks.  Here it is seen from Marye's Heights under a zoom lens

See caption above

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