2008 weekly schedules

Pick a Friday :   scrims       Aug. 22       Aug. 29       Sept. 5       Sept. 12       Sept. 19       Sept. 26

                          Oct. 3         Oct. 10       Oct. 17       Oct. 24       Oct. 31       Nov. 7         playoffs

   These schedules are as accurate as I can get them right now, 
but some questions STILL exist that may take a while to iron out,
mainly involving out of state teams.

   I also still need to add some big college games and the NFL 
games with local players.

         - - - understanding my weekly schedule page lay-out - - - 

   I start by making the schedule for Region IV, then D, then III, then C.
So, if a Region C school plays a Region IV school (like Grayson vs. Carroll),
it will ONLY be listed in the Region IV section, since I did those first
(game location doesn't matter).     This is followed by games of other Va. 
teams which give bonus points to a Region IV, D or C school.

   Next is the out-of-state section.  Schools listed in CAPS are the ones 
that give bonus points to teams in Regions C, D or IV, so some games have 
BOTH teams in CAPS (like BIG CREEK vs. MONTCALM).  Sometimes you'll see 
a game with no team in caps - these are other teams from my neighboring 
counties of McDowell (WV) & Pike (KY) that I keep up with for my 
game-night scoreboard.

   * means the team is a private school and doesn't count in the ratings.

   + means the game is "special" ... look for details down the page.

   Regional college games, "important" college games & NFL games in which 
former locals will be playing are listed at the bottom.

   I also note homecoming games and schedule changes as I find out about them
(since VA has a history of Fall weather wackiness), so the "down-the-road" 
pages are usually updated weekly, and the "current" week page is updated as 
needed (sometimes nightly). I also add state rankings whenever possible.

   ALWAYS check if you plan to attend a game.   I do NOT check with the schools 
for changes, but I do regularly check newspapers, msg. boards and a few school 
web sites.  (Ky. & Tenn. are notorious to move games to Thur. night when a 
teachers' in-service day is scheduled for a Friday.)

    Now, a note about the North Carolina teams : NC does 2 things that's a bit 
"foreign" to us.  First, when a large town / city has more than 1 school, 
they'll add the city before the school name, like (Greensboro) Grimsley and 
(Winston-Salem) Atkins.  2nd, when a school name is used more than once in 
the state, they'll add the city before the school name.  So A.C. Reynolds in 
Asheville usually becomes Asheville Reynolds & R.J. Reynolds in Winston-Salem 
usually becomes W.S. Reynolds, & T.W. Andrews in High Point is usually called 
HP Andrews.

      - - -      interesting 2008 schedule tidbits      - - - 

    ATTENTION : Piedmont District & Mtn. Empire District fans - 
some games hae kickoff at 7:30, others at 7 p.m.

     William Fleming & Patrick Henry-Roanoke are still sharing PH's 
new stadium, so they'll both have some Saturday games.

     Holston, Brookville, Robert E. Lee (Staunton) & Tallwood wrap up 
their regular season on Oct. 24.

     Auburn, Glenvar & Craig Co. have no games in August.

     William Byrd also play 10 straight weeks.

     Lee goes 7 weeks without playing a Va. opponent (8/23 - 10/10)

     Hurley plays 5 out-of-state teams (4 from WV) and only 3 District teams.

     Circle Sat., Sept. 27th on your calendar - that's when Gretna and Graham
meet at Mitchell Stadium.