Here are old updates in case you think you missed one....

November 3 Look it keeps going. Heh. Any way theres a new link and I am slowly upgrading the bios. You can now click Sonic to see a little description. Anyway those "plans" I had were to switch to a new server. So i don't want to have to move a toni of stuff I've been keeping the updates small. Also you can reach this site by typing that will connect you to the enter screen.

October 29
Well, this is a small update, but oh well. I have interesting plans for the site, but I will need more than a weekend to do it in. So I will prolly do that around x-mas break. Anyway my comp. room is now freshly painted and smell terrible. So we will now continure to our regular scheduled updates. For this week we only have fics. A new Shredded Angel and a new Karma fic. Go read those. bye,

October 27
Ok, well my room with the computer in it is getting wallpaper taken down and painted tommorow. I'm on my dad's computer that doens't have any of my "resources" on it. So I will have a real update on monday for all you guys since its a 3 day weekend.

October 20
K, 3 new Sotsu chapters I got a new affiliate and joined another topsite which I don't think is loading. Betty has a new pic and I made this Uh I think that's it. I have a busy weekend and have decided to set updates. Every Saturday which it has been anyway.

October 14
Ok, everyone you may be getting sick of these little update, but I'm kinda busy lately and I am thinking of what new to do. So just hnag tight and hopefully I will get some bigger updates up within at least a month. Anyway for the updates this week there is a new fan art and I won another award. Yay, that's 4. Well I gtg do homework, bye!

October 9
Ok. This time I'm not in a rush. Sotsu has Chapters 35 and 36 up. And there's a new Fan Fic up so go read it. Also there is actually music on my site now. And in MP3 format so download that.

October 5
Not much. New music and Sotsu has a new chapter. Im in a rush so See yah later.

Septemeber 29
Well I have 2 new affiliates so go look at there site. Clan Super Sonic hosts my comic. It's really dumb at the moment, but that's ok. Also I will probably put it on this site eventually. Also I won another award and I now offer one. Sotsu has a new chapter up. And there's new fan art. I think that's it.

September 27 Happy Birthday Nick!
That's right, today is the Sotsu authors birthday. Anyway Steal hasn't moved this time but he does have a Bio up. There are two new Links up. Today my site passed the 1000 mark today so thanks everyone who came. The 1000 person happened to be a friend of mine so well, Yeah.

September 25
Where is Steal this time? Anyway there are 2 new Links up so go check those out. Also I have a Affiliate now. See right under the pages there's an affiliate.

September 23
Can you find Steal? Since yesterday wasn't a very big update I thought I'd put another little one. I won another award yay. And there's a new download If you can't find steal you may want to get your eyes checked.

September 22
Meet Steal, he's my new "dude". Maybe he'll help you navigate around the site or you'll just see some cool sprites I made of him. You may see him a bit on my site later on. Anyway the Links Page has a new link & my site has won an Award.

September 11 :*(
Well there are 2 new chapters to Sotsu and more Pics. Uhh that's about it. The next update will have Reviews of a few old Genesis games and maybe some new fan art by me. Also I may put up that NiGHTS page but I think I'll wait on that.

September 5
Well Shredded Angel has Chapter 9 up and there's a new Link...Also I updated the Contact it now has a bit of background on me...I got a question for you guys, Although this is a Sonic Page I've been playing NiGHTS a lot since I just ordered it off Sega-Parts and I was wondereing if I should put a Nights page? Just one page since it is by Sonic Team. I haven't decided yet so tell me what you think

September 3 Labor Day (yay no school)
There is a new Fan Fic and 2 new cahpters to Sotsu... A few more Pics and yeah... Not much for this update...

September 1 or 2 (not sure)
Well there's a Fanfic Page up and there are fan art to go with some of them...You can find those in the Picutres Page...Also there is an Updates Page in case anyones is interested in that... If you find a broken link contact me because I've been fooling around with sub-directories...

Theres a new Message Board go post your opinions Also a Timeline type deal with the history of sonic is now up and a Polls Page so go vote you dont even have to be 18... Also if you have fan fics Contact me because I need em for the Fan Fic Page...Doesn't school suck!

August 30th
Well I decided to post my updates like this only old ones are under the Logo thing... After one is there then it will go to an updates page which isn't made yet... So the basic updates are the Sonic top fifty so vote for me also there are some new Links! and a Fan Fics page coming soon so send me some!!!