Well here is the history of Sonic the Hedgehog the whole 10 years

1990: The Creation   1991: The Beginning   1992: The Next Step   1993: Another Big Year
1994: The Big Bang End   1995: Pathetic Attempts   1996: A New Chance   1997: 5th Planet Saturn
  1998: A Real Hope   1999: A Dream is Born   2000: Online & Party Poopers   2001: The Big 10!!

1990: The Creation

Project Sonic was just beginning a character that would change Sega Enterprises and the gaming industry, perhaps the world… 7 months later the game would be finished and Japanese fans would get a glimpse of the blue blur.

1991: The Beginning

Sonic the Hedgehog was released for almost all systems available from Sega In all countries tons of people bought the system and got the game with it. It of course was a hit with the "high definition graphics" which is says on the back of my genesis. And all though it was a 16-bit game you could get yourself going to fast for you own good. It was one of the first games to have the speed and excitement that Mario bros. didn't deliver…

1992: The Next Step

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is released on almost all systems again only a year later. Sega delivers another hit with new surprises like a puzzling little fox followed you around for some strange reason and if you got to fast for him he would just fly in about 5 seconds later. Another big thing is you could have your friend control him as bait (which came in more handy in more in the 3rd… anyway they also through in a different way to enter the completely different special stage and a reason to get all SEVEN chaos emeralds…to morph into Super Sonic of course. Then to close the game they put a two player split screen mode with 4 levels to choose from 1st player is Sonic and 2nd is Tails…

1993: Another Big Year

Archie Comics starts publishing comic based on the SatAM show and another show comes out AoStH.

Sega Releases Sonic CD on what I believe is the first 32-bit CD game system that had to be attached to the genesis. Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos was released on game gear and 2 new Sonic games on genesis were released… Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball which is a pinball game where sonic is the ball and u had to get the 3 or 5 emeralds in each level I never got passed level 4 which I believe is the last except for a bonus boss. This game was highly addicting and was surprisingly CHALLENGING!!! (this did not release in US until next year

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean machine was the only genesis game I do not own but to my knowledge it's just a Tetris 2 or Dr. Mario type of game                                                          Back to Top!

1994: The Big Bang End

A couple game gear games were released but the big bang was Sonic the Hedgehog 3 with another mysterious character who would show up laugh and flip a switch to piss you off. This of course was Knuckles who was evil at the time. The big thing about this game was the saving system and two player levels which you could play as Sonic Tails or Knuckles each with their advantages.

Then Sonic and Knuckles came out with the new lock on technology the game itself started as u could play as Sonic or Knuckles (who would get in Sonics way in Sonics mode) then if u put Sonic 3 on S&K u got to play as Knuckles or the other hand after the six zones then sonic and knuckles zones started then u beat them and a big boss and u win… but then there's super emeralds and if u got all seven of those you got to be Hyper Sonic and I think there's a story with that but I'm not sure what happens.

1995: Pathetic Attempts

Basically Sega made like 4 or 5 different game gear games and the Sonic Classics which had Sonic 1,2 and mean bean. The Era was over…

1996: A New Chance

A 2 part
anime is released in Japan but not released in America for a while. PC games released and Sonic 3d blast is released for Saturn and genesis a kind of dumb game but not bad graphics except the ground

Arcade game are released… and Sonic X-Treme is announced but isn't being made by sonic team…BIG MISTAKE

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1997: 5th Planet Saturn

Sonic Xtreme is a month away but canceled Sonic Jam is made instead with the old Sonic games on it and some other fun stuff. Basically a Sonic Timeline sort of game. And Sonic R is released on PC

1998: A Real Hope

Other Saturn games released on PC And in December
Sonic Adventure is released in Japan 9 months before US

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1999: A Dream is Born

Sonic Underground TV show starts and stops pretty fast hmm I wonder why…

Sonic Adventure is Released the first good 3D Sonic game and I personally think it blew all the expectations for it out of the water this game ROCKED

2000: Online & Party Poopers

Sega take online gaming fairly far And
Sonic Shuffle a fun for and hour type of Party game is released

Sonic Team is working on something much bigger anyway

2001: The Big 10!!

Sonic Adventure 2 comes out with many awaiting to see how it stands up to the greatness 2 years earlier it does with a great story and a Mysterious Black hedgehog DUN DUN DUH

Also Sega mention the death of Dreamcast but there moving on to making games for other systems so who knows now where Sonic will end up…will it be PS2 or Game Cube we'll see and one things for sure Sonic is no where near his end

Long Live Sonic the Hedgehog!!!!