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Sat., November 20, 1999

This is something new that I'm going to start doing to help generate buzz in the air about current releases, old movies and otherwise stimulating water cooler subjects. As a producer, I feel the need to express my views concerning topics of interest dealing with things pertaining to Hollywood and the film industry. But don't worry, the following is strictly the opinion of the writer, so you won't necessarily be tested on it later.

The World is Not Enough
a review by Carl Sticht

Our generation finally has a real James Bond film! I don't care about any of the reviewers or critics out there that have totally panned this latest installment in the James Bond franchise. I loved it! And I'm not the only one either. I went and saw it with my roommates yesterday, and every single one of us loved it. So if you consider yourself to be a Gen-X'er, this flic's for you.

I could tell from the moment I walked in that this was going to be a great flic. We actually were given tickets for the wrong theater and when we finally discovered our mistake, the movie had probably been playing for a few minutes, but that was of no consequence. We quickly found seats and reveled in the experience.

The reason I consider this to be the best Bond of our generation is because it excelled in all areas of the production. From the opening action sequence to the final conflict with the villain (Robert Carlisle), the movie didn't let up. I could tell that the director Michael Apted really shone through with the story, piecing everything together correctly that gave it the proper introduction all the way from the deadly helicopter's blades to the jacket that saves Bond in an avalanche. I was especially impressed with the cinematography and the second unit direction team, which helped contribute the quick cuts and slow motion photography to show just how amazing the stunt work really was. I can safely say that I've never seen a better pre-titles action sequence for any of the Bond films.

The thing I was most impressed with was how well the film was written. Granted Denise Richards' lines were not executed in a convincing manner and she had trouble with her performance of the role, the dialog helped piece together the characters well enough that their interplay didn't seem forced, but very natural. And even Brosnan's performance was greatly improved by making Bond seem more vulnerable than usual, which was a refreshing change of the unbeatable action hero.

With the exception of Denise Richards' performance, this Bond finally excelled in all areas that helps set the example of what a real action movie should be like. Full of intrigue, plot revelations, and above all–intense stunts! Probably the only other Bond movie that I enjoyed better than this one was For Your Eyes Only, so this one definitely ranks up there. Like I said before, if you're a bit skeptical because of how disappointing Tomorrow Never Dies was, or if you're put off by the critics, take it from me: this is one Bond film you have just got to see!

-Carl Sticht

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