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Welcome to THRESHOLD PRODUCTIONS' main home page.
This site is brought to you by Carl Sticht

This is Threshold. It's not just a company, it's a dream I've had for over 10 years. With my longtime friend Rocky Westbrook, we've dared to aspire to this point in our lives.

From humble beginnings in Arlington, Texas role playing movies like Back to the Future and Star Wars, my imagination has been preparing for the day when I will finally start working on my own original feature film productions. I am always on the lookout for those who share a similar dream in helping produce great films, namely those who are devoted to the art of film with a passion for creativity. Furthermore, my standards are high, and I will not stoop so low as to incorporate the degrading influences that pervade the film industry as it is today. I am here to inspire and entertain my fellow man, and in using the most revered ethics for film, I hope to make a difference and set the proper example for the kind of awe-inspiring films that will benefit mankind now and forever more. I welcome anyone and everyone who wants to help share in this dream to help produce quality films that will broaden our horizons and make us take a closer look at our own humanity. In doing so, I hope to challenge all those who are in this industry to make the best films possible.

-Carl Sticht

If you haven't visited this site before, there are previous articles that you've missed. These include movie reviews, new releases, box office reports and items of discussion relating to the film industry. There's also a list of my favorite links to other sites on here to help you see what I hold in high regard. So have fun, and come back often to the Threshold!

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