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Fri., November 19, 1999


I know that there are some people out there that don't remember their dreams very often. Some of my roommates and friends are that way. For the most part, though, I'm able to remember a lot of my dreams just like my dad. The two of us like to take naps and sleep if there's nothing else to do. Our imaginations are pretty wild, and most of the time, the dreams we have end up being really cool.

Some of the favorite dreams I've had end up being about hanging out with actors or characters from TV shows or movies. I remember one of my dreams that I had years ago when I was living back in Texas was about hanging out with the Duke boys and Daisy from the Dukes of Hazard. I've also had dreams about being on the bus with Jack Traven and Annie from the movie Speed (which was really cool). I even dreamed about getting an autograph from my man Bruce Willis (but that was kind of a let down because he didn't care too much for signing autographs in the dream).

The subject comes up here today because last night I had another really cool dream. I actually can't say last night, because the only part of the dream that I end up remembering always takes place right before I wake up. But I had a dream that I was calling people about a certain activity that I was trying to organize, and one of the people I called was Tom Hanks. I've never had a dream about him before. I figure it's because he's coming out with Toy Story 2 with Tim Allen, so he's subconsciously been on my mind (but don't worry–I don't fantasize about him...much). I thought it was kind of funny because he was telling me that he couldn't come because he was still in Sacramento working on some scenes for the movie. I thought that was kind of cutting things close, seeing as how the movie's going to open next Wednesday. In the dream I could tell things were really tense and stressful there on the set.

My dream ended at the end of that phone call, and I woke myself up as I was telling him good-bye. The funny thing is that in reality, I've got a friend named Rocky that just got back from living in California for the past two years. He's my business partner, and I'm going to be filming our movies with him in the future. So if we work hard enough, and there is a demand for the films we intend on making, the dream I had last night may someday become a reality, which is something very exciting to think about.

I just think it's so cool though, because in the dream Tom knew me and we were just talking like two regular Joe's. That's what I imagine life will be like in the future. Me getting to know the stars in Hollywood well enough that the whole superstardom thing won't go to my head or influence the way I speak or act around them. But I know it's just a matter of time before I get to that point. And who knows, maybe my kids can bring a superstar actor to show and tell sometime in the future. That would be REALLY cool, just as long as they're willing to sign autographs.

-Carl Sticht

Tomorrow, check in to see my review of the new James Bond flic, The World is Not Enough.

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