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Carl's Topic of the Day

Fri., May 12, 2000

The weekend's new releases–in other words, what movies to avoid

This weekend, we're seeing a couple new movies out. One has John Travolta. One has ballet dancing. If you ask me, I'll stick with Gladiator.

With all the advertising, Travolta's new film Battlefield Earth will probably do real well with teens and pre-teens the way Phantom Menace did. However, this movie is definitely something to miss if you're anything over the age of 15. All of the special effects and action in this flic will probably impress the kiddies, but as far as the acting is concerned? Well, let's just say, I'm not expecting much.

There's also yet another teen-flic out there called Center Stage. Unless you like dancing, you'll probably want to avoid this one too. The movie centers around a teenage girl who is trying to make it big in ballet, and decides it's not for her and goes a different direction. In the meantime, she's caught up between two boys, one of which is just a player, while the other one is genuinely sincere and into her. A lot of pre-teens and anybody else who loves dance will more than likely be the only ones to see this movie.

As for me, I'll stick with the goodies out there. You know, Gladiator, Frequency, and Return to Me. To get more info on these movies, follow the link below.

-Carl Sticht

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