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Mon., May 15, 2000

The following article was written by one of my best friends and partner, Rocky Westbrook. His opinion on films pretty much echoes that of mine. So you can pretty much expect this same kind of reaction if you see this movie.


Stunk. There wasn't a whole lot I enjoyed about it.

Like: John Travolta. He was the only one with any real acting talent. The comic scenes.

Dislike: the rest of the movie.

It started out decent. I found the "demons" and "gods" perspective interesting. I also thought their view on their surroundings was cool. I was disappointed when that was all dropped twenty minutes into the film and almost never brought up again.

They showed no character development with anybody except John Travolta. The two thieves in the forest who were ready to kill the main character become quick friends...too quick. The scene in prison (fight scene) with the main character and the chief prisoner was too quick. It went from "I'll fight you to the death" to "best of friends" too quick without any explanation.

Next, I didn't quite enjoy the character development of John Travolta. They started focusing the film on him and ended the film focusing on the main good guy.

They seemed to have too much info crammed into too short of a time span. I saw many spots where I could have personally improved the film. I saw a lot of similarities to Independence Day. That leads me to wonder "Did Independence Day come from the idea of the original book or did the director of Battlefield Earth steal from Independence Day? And what about those Harriers? How long were those things sitting there?"

Anyway, that's what I have to say about that. It had it's moments but left you feeling very little for the characters in the film. I rate this only a little better than the Phantom Menace. I'm through.

-Rocky Westbrook

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