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Fri., June 23, 2000

LDS Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar Mission

For all of you return missionaries that are wondering if there is a site for the old mish, fear not. Luke "Jijig" Nielsen has been maintaining a web site that lists all of the Mission alumni. I have been under the impression that the web site had been abandoned this whole time, but it looks like he's been updating it all along the way.

There is also a link to a web page for one of the returned sister missionaries, Thelma Baker, who has had it maintained by her brother while she was away. It is basically a gallery of some of her pictures that she took while in Mongolia, and it has some familiar faces of our fellow Mongolians.

Hopefully down the road, we will be able to update the site to include profiles of the missionaries that have served there, indicating among other things, former companions, areas served, and even a "What are they doing now" section, so you can keep up to speed with how they are doing. But at this moment, who knows? We can just keep our fingers crossed, and hope that the returned missionaries themselves will be willing to share this information with us so that anybody anywhere (even Mongolia!) will be able to see all of this information.

Jijig Nielsen's site can be found by clicking here. Thelma Baker's site can be found by clicking here. We will try to keep you informed of what developments arise and would look forward to any input from those returned missionaries out there. If you have any feedback, you can e-mail me at

-Carl Sticht

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