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Wed., June 14, 2000

G.I. Joe and the Dream

There are some things that no matter how old you are, you just absolutely love with all of your heart. For some people it's sports, for others it's cars–for me, it's G.I. Joe.

Ever since the first G.I. Joe miniseries, The MASS Device came out on TV, I've been hooked. G.I. Joe is one of those time-honored shows that no matter how old you are, you still treasure just as much (if not more) as when you saw it for the very first time. My formidable young years were devoted to coming home from grade school and recording if not watching the show live. I had my adventures with Duke, Flint and Snake Eyes like so many other kids at that time.

The only thing is–I didn't grow out of it. Even as a teen-ager, I was browsing through a toy store once and caught my eye on G.I. Joe: The Movie, with Don Johnson, Burgess Meredith, and Sergeant Slaughter. Even at that age, after having spent so many years out of the G.I. Joe habit, I couldn't help but shell out a few bucks for the movie.

Here I am now, all grown up and married, ready to start a family, and the desire is still there. Only this desire is not necessarily to buy the comics, toys or videos, but to do what the life-long dream requires–honor my childhood heroes by making a full-length live feature film. The desire to do this fades away and comes back again, but every time it is rekindled, new ideas come about, and the motivation levels just pile up all over themselves. Just this past couple of weeks, my wife's younger brother was visiting us, and at the tail-end of his trip, the subject of G.I. Joe came up, and it got me all excited again for filming the feature. New ideas came into my head of how best to honor the Joes, and my eagerness is once again fueled to try to get the steps in motion to film the movie.

Unfortunately, at this point the rights for the movie have been acquired by Threshold Entertainment, and although once thought to be a rumored mistake, the truth that TE will beat me to filming the live action film keeps me motivated enough to tackle the issue if it becomes possible to produce it someday in the future. I can only hope that I will get my opportunity first so I can pay the Joes the homage they deserve. Yo, Joe!

-Carl Sticht

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