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The Lenaghen Family of Kildare Ireland

Ancestral Home Of Lenaghen Family

Map of The Following Places
  • NAAS: 1658: William Lanigan of Kildare gave oath of Abjuration in NAAS.
  • LEINSTER: 1810:Patrick Lanigan received Cottage from Joseph Devaney - possible father-I-law.
  • LEINSTER: Patrick Lanigan had situation of "Leinster Stuart", Maybe affiliate of "Leinster Lodge".
  • ARAMORE: 1830: The residence of Joseph Devany (not on map). who transfered land to Patrick in 1810. Patrick mentioned Pat Devany as heir also.
  • GALLA HILL:1830:(Reeves Mount) Residence of James Reeves farmer, who Patrick Lanigan transferred Cottage to in 1830.

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