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Button Display Module

Page 3: Buttons for White Backgrounds with Drop Shadow

Buttons basically wiped out the loin cloth industry on the early American frontier. Glassy Blue Glassy Yellow Glassy Purple Glassy Red Glassy Green
Velcro is a button's mortal enemy Fancy Purple Pez Cat's Eye (Blue) Cat's Eye (Red) Cat's Eye (Green) Water Button
Buttons killed the rotary telephone Wild Streak Wild Streak 1 Purple Star Chocolate Candy Bottle Cap
To me, a button is just a button. But to an aphid, a button is like, "Whoa, Disneyland!". Sunny Citrus Jewel Tropical Square Snake Belly Paint Fling
I once went fishing and used buttons instead of hooks and bait. I didn't catch any fish, but threading the line was an enjoyable, "craft-like" experience. Blue Arrow Pink Arrow Myth Plaid Plaid1

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