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Button Display Module

Page 4: Buttons for Black Backgrounds

It's too bad civil war uniform buttons weren't made of biodegradable material. If that were the case, fewer people would need to spend time with metal detectors. Rivet Vibrant Triangle Tube Red Square Green Cup
I once heard a guy say, "Hey button your lip!". That was kinda dumb because lips don't have buttons. Orange Minty Green Lipstick Deep Purple Illusion
If they can teach chimps to push buttons, why can't they get a guppy to clear a clogged drain? Cork Chocolate Candy (dark) Double Layer Green Tan Weave Copper
I once tried to use buttons as currency at the grocery. I did not receive "Service with a Smile". Blue Bar Blue Bar 1 Blue Bar 2 Blue Bar 3 Indent Blue
Some buttons, string and a hanger might be used to make a nice wind chime. But then again, I enjoy the sound of a spoon caught in the garbage disposal. Left Fuzzy Pickle Right Fuzzy Pickle Green Bar Green Contests Indent Green
I'm not quite sure how I feel about people who whistle in public restrooms (not a button comment). Indent Orange Indent Red Pink Left Pink Right Cool gear!
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cool buttons for black backgrounds
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