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Dog sledding Adventures

Welcome to our dog sledding adventures page below you will find a description of our tours as well as Facts and Questions about the tours any other information you need please feel free to Contact Us and we would be happy to help you

Our tours are real dogs, real wooded trails and real sledding.
If you are looking for a real adventure behind a team of dogs we provide it, non commercial tours made just for you.

Experience more than a ride in a basket or a chance to drive a dog team in a little trail.
take out a team of dogs and ride the trails of the wild only you your dogs and your guide

Welcome Click here to meet our guides

This site and prices are currently being updated

1 hour Adventure
$80.00 per person

A fun little experience behind a dog sled team drive your own sled or ride in the basket and relax and enjoy the winter trail

2 hour Adventure
$160.00 Per Person

experience a fun filled 2 hour tour behind a team of Siberian huskies. learn to drive your own team or relax in the basket of the sled

1/2 day Adventure (3 hours)
$240.00 Per Person
Includes Drinks and snacks on the trail
This is great way to learn all the basics of sledding and still be able to get out behind your own team Of siberian Huskies guided by our proffessional staff, we will stop along the way to take pictures warms drinks and snacks and learn about the trails history

Full day Adventure (6 Hours)
Includes Meals and drinks on the trail

The full day adventure is a great way to experience the true ways of the past. learn to drive your own team of Siberian Huskies along glistening snow, then stop for a warm lunch and drinks(provided)in a warm wood burning winter tent.This trip is fantastic way to take in all nature has to offer

Team functions- winter Parties
Inquire on price

this is the most unique way to have a parties, spend the day at the kennel anjoy a crackling fire, the fun of the dogs and top off the day with a sled ride around the track. learn about the boreal forests dog sledding, the dogs and enjoy the outdoors and learn some new skills

2 day sledding Adventure
$970.00 Per person
Includes accomidation,meals and drinks on the trail

This a one of the best ways to experience dog sledding. take out a team of siberians who will glide you along a wooded trail only to stop at a clearing in the path enjoy a warm fire and stop and enjoy Albertas magic.
stay in a cozy motel room.
get up the next day and step back in time again and enjoy a day of dogsledding

Mushing 101

This is a full day course to learn the history of dog sledding. We take you through a half day tutorial on the basics of mushing your own team. the second half of the day is focused on getting you on the sled and really learning to sled. At the end of this course you should know everything you need to about dog sledding
click here to see mushing 101 pictures

You can book a group session of 5 people or more at the kennel by contacting us or

Book Mushing 101 at Fort Edmonton

click here for dates times and information
Fort Edmonton Park

Advanced Mushing

This is a course designed to take you past mushing 101, learn in depth the emergency equipment to take with you sledding, injury identification,racing,kennel management,Dog training and issues
after your session once again you will be assigned a team, sled and equipment and you will use your tools learn't in mushing 101 and harness hook up your team by yourself and then follow your guide for a run.

Dog sledding 2007

Booking A Dog Sledding Adventure

Booking A sledding Adventure is easy, simply read through the Tour Information below and then contact us and we would be happy to book in a tour time for you, or place a booking online.We do have gift certificates available for your family and friends, This a great gift for christmas birthdays or just because you know they will love it please contact us for more information

Dog sledding F&Q

Common Questions

Do I need to book ahead? What Clothes will I need?
What do I need to bring?  What Time do I need to arrive?
What Is the cost of the tours? Where are the Tours?
Do I need to be Experienced? What age requirments are there?
Signing The legal Waiver Physical requirments for dog sledding
What is the difference between a basket ride and driving a team? Who are the guides and their Qualifications?
What type of dogs will be used? are ther custom tour packages?
what are the dates of the tours? deposit and refund policy?

Do I need to book Ahead?

Yes  it is very important Spaces are limited and we want to make sure there are time available to you.Some times there are cancelations and times are available at the last minute but generally we are booked up all winter. If you are flexable we can arrange to notify you if there is a cancelation

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What Clothes will I need?

It is important to dress for the winter weather. Please dress in layers wool or cotton closest to your body a warmer layer of cotton and then and winter jacket with weather proof outerlining.
proper snow boot are required with water proof outsoles(sorels or simular)
Winter hat (full face cover prefered)
mits a good quality mit is required with water proof outer layer
snow pants very important to bring water proof snow pants

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What do I need to bring?

Yes  it is very important Spaces are limited and we want to make sure there are time available to you.Some times there are cancelations and times are available at the last minute but generally we are booked up all winter. If you are flexable we can arrange to notify you if there is a cancelation

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What Time do I arrive?

It is Important to arrive 1/2 hour before departure time. A delay in time means we will not be able to get on the trails as early as we need to and this will cut into the tour time.
All tours start at 9:30am you should arrive at about 9:00am to help get ready for the tour

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What are the costs of the tours?

The costs of the tours will depend on the amount of people and type of tour booked you can contact the kennel and quotes can be obtained

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Where are the tours located?

Our tours are located in several Places depending once again on the type of tour required. Most will be in westlock alberta, or Athabasca alberta.
Westlock tours are located 60 mins north of Edmonton Alberta. Athabasca Tours are located 2 hours north Of Edmonton Alberta.

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Do I need to Experienced?

No    We are a learning tour company, all drive your own team tours have a short information time before departure, although we do recommend taking the mushing 101 course to save time on the tour times.

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What age requirment are there?

Ther are age requirments for some of the tour packages. to drive your own team a minimum age of 16 is required, a parent or gaurdian will be required to sign a waiver. basket rides we recommend 8 and up once again a waiver will be required to be signed

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Signing a legal waiver

All clients of any tour must sign a legal waiver before any tour begins

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Physical Requirments?

Dog sledding is very Physical and demanding sport. It is recommended that you be in fair to good physical condition, any health conditions or concerns should be reveled to all the staff to make for a more custom experience

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Basket driving or driving the team?

There is a big difference between driving your own team and riding in the basket. To drive your own team you must be physically fit and be able to prove ability after training to drive your own team under your own command. Riding in the basket is a great way to relax and see the surrounds with out having to call command and control the dogs. Both are a great way to experience nature and sledding

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who are the guides?

all our guides are friendly people with great sledding Knowlage. all tours on the trail require 1 guide to have CPR and first aid training in case of emergencies

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What types of dogs will be used?

When primarly use our registered Siberian Huskies but also have a few rescue Siberians that we have trained and use. All the dogs are very friendly out going and love to run

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Are there custom pakages?

Yes   we can create a custom package to suit your sledding needs

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What are the dates of the tours?

depending on the snow conditions our tours start December of every year and run through to March. although we have started earlier if we have a early snow fall and have ended sooner due to snow melting.

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deposits and refunds?

Deposits are required on all tours the total price of the tour are required at the time of booking. Refunds will be given if cancellation is 2 weeks in advance

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