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"Rolex is not in the watch business...We are in the luxury business."

    - Andre Heiniger, Chairman of Rolex


TASK 3 & 4

Who are the "Big 5" U.S. Media Giants and what role do they have in your life?

1.   Link to Merchants of Cool: Media Giants page.  One student will READ ALOUD the key statistics of
      EACH of  the "Big 5" Media Giants listed.  DO NOT CLICK ON COMPANY YET.  Others will make
      notes about each Company.  
      On the PC, one student at a time, click on company to reveal details.  Make some brief notes about the smaller
      companies you recognize among the detailed list and allow the next student to do the same.  Once all students have
      seen (1) company each, AWAY FROM PC, exchange information until you have some basic info about each company.

2.   Using the Me and the Big 5 Worksheet make a list of the products you have bought/rented recently that fall into the                  
      catagories:  Music, Videos, Movies, Software and Books.  How many of the of Big 5 products do you own?

      Write a short reflection (2-3 paragraphs) on your results..

3.   Read the transcripts of and watch Merchants of Cool:  Chapter 1. (9-10 min)  After video, as a group, with support from video,
      answer the following questions:
      a)   At the start of the video what method is being used to find out what teens like?
      b)   What is the spending power of teens, and how important are they to the economy?
      c)   What is meant by "cool-hunting" and why is it an important technique.  What
is puzzling about it?
      d)   What must companies be careful about due to the stubborness of teenagers?


What does Authenticity and  have to do with the Marketing of a Brand?
Reality vs. Perception: Whats the difference?
How do these concepts help Advertisers sell a sell a culture/lifestyle?

1.   Read transcrips of and watch Merchants of Cool:  Chapter 2.  After video, as a group, with support from video,
      answer the following:
     a)    In the early 90's, what did Sprite's focus groups tell them about what was wrong with traditional advertising? 
     b)    What method did Sprite use at first to make it more teen friendly?  Why did this not continue to work?
What does it mean to "sell a lifestyle?"

2.  Can we believe everything we see?
     Link to and find meanings of Authentic and Perception. 
3.  Using support from the video, write a summary (1-2 pages) answering Task 4 questions regarding the power of
     Authenticity, and Reality vs. Perception.