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Build your ability to resist, by learning how advertisers get into
schools.  Begin to critically evaluate Advertising.

1.    Link to Adbusters article:  Make Your School an Ad-free Zone
       Print article and assign 3 paragraphs each to members to read and summarize. 
       Using scissors, cut article into sets of 3 paragraphs each.
       Student 1 will have the first 3 paragraphs and student 2 will have the next 3 and
       so on. 
       As a group, discuss the paragraphs, considering
       the following:

       a)  The different ways Companies in the text, market their products to teens.
       b)  The ways Companies get personal information about teens.
       c)  The strategies that students can use to defend themselves.
2.    Read and discuss in your group:  Here's What Some Adults Are Saying Behind Your Back
       from Make Your School an Ad-free Zone.

3.    Each student will write an Evaluation (1 page) about the PHOTO from Make Your School an Ad-free Zone.
       a)  the Image (location, and iconographic elements),

       b)  Overt and Covert Message,
       c)  the Copy (words).