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We have the Mystic Tan! Click here for more info.

Our Equipment



Premier: We offer unlimited tanning in this level 1 bed that will get you a terrific base tan in no time at all.

Mega: You can get the beautiful bronze tan that you’ve always wanted in this level 2 bed.

Ultra: Ready for something hot and powerful? This level 3 bed will quickly give you just what you’re asking for--a tan that is guaranteed to keep heads turning!

Ultra V: As many tanners know, some places on the body are harder to tan than others. This 10-minute stand-up bed will solve that problem with 360 degrees of tanning and 9,000 watts of power!

Turbo/Extreme: These level 4/5 beds are known around the world for their ability to “break” any tanning peak you have reached. Not only that, but like the Ultra V, the Extreme offers an even tan all over your body--even shoulder tanners!