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Who We Are
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Who We Are

With six locations in Pearland, Friendswood, Webster and Houston, Malibu Tan was created in December of 1997. The owners had a vision of a tanning salon that would outshine many others and offer customers something hard to find--total quality. This is quality unsurpassed in customer service, tanning products and technology. Today, the two owners both dedicate their lives to making the vision a reality.

Malibu Tan is a modern tanning salon, always teaching its employees and customers the importance of smart tanning, while making available tanning units and lotions that provide superior results. The salons improve every year, and are a reflection of the owners’ ongoing aspirations to be the finest.

Presently, tanning is safer than ever before as popularity and cutting-edge technology grows. Malibu Tan promises to stay informed on what’s new and exciting in the industry and offer its customers the benefits of this tanning explosion. The future of Malibu Tan is one of constant improvement and expansion, motivated by an endless commitment to its first priority--the customer.