The Faq section

Okay here is the deal. All of the authors of the FAQS listed have given me permission, personally or in the actual FAQ itself, to post them on our site. The rules are simple. You can look at them and it is free. Don't copy them to make your own FAQ or nothing like that. If there is something in the FAQ that I missed then obey that request. Basically do as he/she says.I would like to continue to post new FAQS in the future. So if I have not already scared you dig in and enjoy.

Rants Page
Castlevania Symphony of the night
Final Fantasy 9 part 1 0f 2
Final Fantasy 9 part 1 of 2
Guilty Gear X
Vagrant Story
Valkyrie Profile
Vandal Hearts
King of Fighters 98(DC)
King of Fighters 99(DC)
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 10
Final Fantasy Anthology
Final Fantasy collection omake FAQ
Azure Dreams
Second list of FAQS!