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Real Name: Scott Summers
Code Name: Cyclops
Eyes: Known to be brown
Hair: Mutant Ability: Cyclops can generate powerful concussive optic blasts from his eyes; usually, he wears a ruby-quartz visor to control the intensity of his blasts (aka ZARK!).
Living Relatives: Philip and Deborah Summers [grandparents], Christopher Summers aka Corsair [father], Alexander Summers aka Havok [brother, presumed dead but still exists in an alternate reality], Jean Grey aka Phoenix [wife, now a widow], Madelyne Pryor [ex-wife, she is now known to be a carbon-copy of the original "Maddie"], Gailyn, Joey [niece and nephew], Nathaniel Christopher Dayspring Summers aka Cable [son], Rachel Summers aka Phoenix I; Askani; Mother Askani [daughter from an alternate reality], Nate Grey aka X-Man [geneticlly engineered son fromthe Age Of Apocalypse]. Scott's Life: Scott "Slim" Summers was/is the oldest child born to Christopher and Katherine Ann; his younger brother being Alex Summers. Scott's chance for a normal life was deterred when he and his family were returning (via Christopher's vintage wooden airplane)from a vacation. The plane was attacked by a Shi'ar scout ship and was set on fire. As a last desperate effort to save her children, Katherine Ann strapped Scott and his baby brother into the last accessible parachute and pushed them out. But the chute caught on fire making their descent a dangerous one. The rough impact caused Scott a severe head injury. It is stated that this incident damaged the part of his brain that would have helped him manage his optic blasts.
         Eventually, Scott and Alex were hospitalized. Both boys experienced traumatic amnesia along with other injuries they sustained.Since their parents were believed to be dead, the authorities separated the two boys placing Alex in an orphanage (and was later adopted) while Scott slipped into a coma for a year. [Note: In actuality, Christopher and Katherine Ann were teleported aboard the Shi’ar vessel seconds before their plane exploded/crashed. Then, Emperor D’Ken, Shi’ar ruler at the time, murdered Katherine Ann and sentenced Christopher to incarceration on the planet Alsibar. There, he met three other prisoners who would later join him and become the Starjammers.]
         Later, after Scott woke up from his comatose state, he was placed in an orphanage located in Omaha, Nebraska. Unbeknownst to Scott, his future enemy, Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister controlled the establishment. During Scott’s stay there, Sinister secretly studied his mutant ability. It was during this time that Scott started experiencing eyestrains and intense headaches.
         As Scott reached puberty, his powers became more apparent. Case in point: during a visit to a city, Scott’s mutant power manifested. In the process, he unintentionally threatened the lives of innocent bystanders. An angry crowd rallied against him thinking he had tried to kill them, even though he did use his power again only this time to save them. Scott eventually escaped the agitated mob. It was then discovered that ruby-quartz lenses could help keep his power in check.
         Following an incident with a mutant named Jack O’ Diamonds, Scott was rescued and recruited by Professor Charles Xavier. Under Charles’ tutelage, Scott learned how to control and use his optic blasts. Using a ruby-quartz visor, Scott adopted the code name Cyclops and soon after became Xavier’s field leader of the X-Men. His classmates/teammates consisted of the Beast, Angel, Iceman and Marvel Girl, the first class of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Scot was instantly attracted to Jean Grey but unfortunately he held his feeling from her.
         It wasn’t until the Dark Phoenix Saga occurred when Scott’s love for Jean was put to the test. In the end, the Phoenix/Jean entity committed suicide. Scott, believing her to be dead, left the team. While he was away (from the X-Men) he met and fell in love with Madelyne Pryor-Jean’s clone (no thanks to Sinister). Scott eventually returned to the X-Men, married Maddie and they had a son, Nathan Christopher. Scott left the team again to start a new life with his family.
         A short time later, the real Jean Grey awoke from suspended animation. Upon hearing of this, Scott left Madelyne despite her ultimatum. After being reunited with Jean, Scott and the other three original X-Men formed X-Factor, a new team that would “hunt” down mutants but in actuality, they would teach them to use their powers. Later on, joined with Xavier’s second class of X-Men, X-Factor battled the now insane Madelyne Pryor aka the Goblin Queen and a horde of demons from Limbo. This event was called Inferno. In the end, Jeannie won a battle of will and telepathy against Maddie. Madelyne eventually died, baby Nathan was saved (he was a key component in the plot line) and the good guys righted the wrong, so to speak.
         Sometime later, Apocalypse infected Scott’s son with a techno-virus. This lead Scott to put his trust in a female freedom fighter from the future named Askani. She stated that she could save baby Nathan only by taking him into the future to be cured (2000 years). As time passed, Nathan returned to the present but this time as a much older man; and a soldier-opposing Apocalypse. Later on, Scott married Jean thus making Nate her stepson. It was during their honeymoon when Mother Askani transported Scott and Jean’s soul 2000 years into the future. In that time, “Slym” and “Redd” raised Nathan, helped destroy Apocalypse and finally managed to return to their honeymoon in the present. [Note: “Slym” was actually Scott who could now control his powers without the use of his ruby-quartz visors.]
         Years later, Cyclops, Jean and Cable shared an hour of last things. Scott and jean confessed to Nathan that it was they who raised him all those years ago in the future. Nathan explained to them that he already knew about them. Soon after, the M’kraan Crystal annihilated mainstream reality. The Age of Apocalypse emerged in an alternate timeline. In this reality, Scott Summers was the surrogate son of none other than Mr. Sinister. [Note: Sinister took a DNA sample from both Scott and Phoenix (also of AOA) and genetically created their “offspring”- Nate Grey, whom was supposed to destroy Apocalypse]. Towards the end of that era, Havok, fueled with anger and jealousy (aah, sibling rivalry) killed both Jean and Cyclops. [Note: I’m not entirely sure how this is possible considering that neither brother could hurt one another with their powers, unless of course Essex messed around with their genetic makeup.] Eventually, the timeline was restored to “normal” thanks to the X-Men of AOA and Bishop in the past.
         Back in mainstream reality, Cyclops and the X-Men faced many battles and personal obstacles such as Onslaught, Bastion and his Operation: Zero Tolerance, and The Twelve. The last event is the most crucial battle for Cyclops. Tricked and kidnapped by Apocalypse, Cyke, Jean, Cable and their allies battled En Sabah Nur for their own powers and to prevent his ascension into godhood. His plans were ruined, thanks to Scott. When Apocalypse tried to infuse himself into the most powerful being alive (Nate Grey aka X-Man), Scott escaped from his null-orb prison and jumped into the infusion process thus causing Apocalypse to posses Scott’s body and mind. After several battles in different times and scenarios, Scott Summers aka Cyclops was presumed dead. [Note: knowing marvel, it won’t take long before he returns from the dead. Word has it that the X-Men will mount a search and rescue attempt by the end of this year. Let’s hope they do bring him back.]