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These are a few conversations Scott has had and once I've remembered what else he said I will post them here.

Phoenix: The Untold Story #1 (April 1984)
"There's so much I want to say to you--so much I feel. I ... don't have the words."
"Where I'm concerned, it's the thought that counts. And yours--like you--are beautiful."

X-Factor #66 (May 1991)
"Use your powers, Iceman, instead of your mouth. The results may surprise you."
"Yes SIR! Leader-man sir!"

X-Men #1 (October 1991)
Beast: "Not to worry, professor. While you were away, ol' fearless here mastered the art of deadpan humor"
Cyclops: "Keep calling me that, furball...I'll show you 'deadpan'."

X-Men #2 (November 1991)
Cyclops: (brainwashed and speaking with Xavier) "...Times have changed. We have to change to match it. Same as Cable and his X-Force. Magneto is the right man for this era, sir, and we mean to stand by him to the end."

Uncanny X-Men #294 (November 1992)
Scott: (after having a "daydream" about Betsy) "--Becuase I have nothing to apologize for."
Jean: "How can you say that?! Or is this ability to drool whenever Psylocke enters a room some new mutant power of yours?"

X-Factor #86 (January 1993)
Stryfe: "Say that you want and need me. Say that there's no one in your life more important to you right now than me. Go on. It's your only hope."
Cyclops: "Never. We don't trust you. We don't want your help. We...we'd rahter die...then throw ourselves...on the...on the mercy of...someone like you..."

Uncanny X-Men # 300 (May 1993)
Cyclops: (fighting the Acolyte Javitz)"You're welcome to live any life you want up until the moment you threaten someone else's." ZARK!!!

X-Men Unlimited #1 (June 1993)
Scott: "You're being ridiculous. I could call you your first name."
Xavier: "I believe you're bluffing."
Scott: (struggling with a chunk of metal) "Let me just attend to this first. Use some debris to block the wind." ZARK!!!
Xavier: "Now I believe you're stalling."
Scott: "Not at all. I want everything in it's place---when I pulverize it with my blast." ZARK! "There you go, CHHH--CHRRA...RARRLLLLEES. Thereyougocharraarruuu..."
Xavier: "'Charles'. Say it with me, Sco--."
Scott: "I COULD call you CHAARA--by your first name, if I WANTED to. I just CHOOSE not to."
Xavier: "Yes, well, I applaud your self-control."

X-Men Adventurers #9 (July 1993)
Cyclops: (vs Juggernaut)"When you're up against the X-Men remember there's always one more of us than there is trouble."

X-Men #24 (September 1993)
Scott: "I'm sorry Jean -- for everything -- for not having seen how I was hurting you. For leaving."
Jean: "Shhh -- Scott -- it's all right -- we don't have to talk about it --."
Scott: "No -- Jean, please. It's not all right, and we do have to talk about it! I want to talk about it! No psychic rapport, no mutant gimmicks, but good old-fashioned communication."
Jean: "Okay, good -- great -- so I'll drive and you'll talk and I'll listen -- and we'll find each other again, Scott. But you have to promise me that no matter what happens in the future -- no matter how painful -- how difficult -- we face it together."
Scott: "That's a promise, Ms. Grey. I'm never leaving you again."

Excalibur # 71 (November 1993)
Nightcrawler: "Odd how even in the face of tragedy, there are often such wonders--such miracles--to be found."
Cyclops: "We find them where we make them. I don't think anyone knows that better than you and I."

X-Men Alpha
Sinister: "Scott and Alex Summers - the brothers grim...I had so hoped you might someday follow in my footsteps. Scott...I have to go away..."
Scott: "Sir, NO! If it's something I've done-!"
Sinister: "Not everything is about you, Scott."

X-Men Omega
Cyclops: "Alex, you idiot! Jean's power was the only thing keeping the bombs at bay! Now, thanks to you - THERE IS NO MORE TIME! For God's sake, Alex - is dying the only thing we'll ever do together?"
Havok: "Not even, 'Judas'."

X-Men #30 (March 1994)
Scott: "Truth to tell, professor, without you by my side, I'd feel safer walking into the Danger Room alone and naked right now--rather than face what's coming next."
Alex: "Gee. There's an image that's stuck in my head now for the rest of the day."

X-Men #38 (November 1994)
Sabretooth: "Would it bother you if I showed Jeannie what a real man is--?"
Cyclops: "Not at you don't come close to fitting the description anyway."

Cable #20 (February 1995)
Cyclops: "Growing up, the foster parents you knew as 'Slym' and 'Redd'--"
Jean: "It was us, Nate. All those years, it was us."
Cable: "Thank you."
Cyclops: "You mean, you knew?"

Uncanny X-Men # 322 (July 1995)
Scott: "Jean, coming home you ever wonder about the sacrifices we all make by being X-Men?
Jean: "Do I imagine life as Mr. and Mrs. Summers -- where there's no such people as Cyclops and Phoenix? No. It's who we are, Scott. You?"
Scott: "Never. But I thought I'd ask."
Jean: "You're teasing?"
Scott: I'm teasing."

Professor X & The X-Men #13 (November 1996)
Beast: "I'm concerned the stress is making the professor physically ill. He's already looking a bit febrile."
Cyclops: "Fe- what? Talk in English, Beast!"

X-Men #62 (March 1997)
Cyclops: "Nice save with the telekinetic force bubble, Jean."
Phoenix: "For you, husband dear--? El mundo!"

Uncanny X-men #355 (May 1997)
Scott: "Jean, we share a psionic link, You're in my mind, you've seen my thoughts. You know that I saw you, or at least the woman that I thought was you... reborn in that costume, corrupted in that costume and killed in that costume."

X-Men #70 (December 1997)
Jean: "Scott...I'm going to put you to sleep now, baby. Deep. Just for a little while. Then I'll be there when... when you wake up."
Scott: "You'd better be...Mrs. Summers...cause...I...luv......"

X-Men #71 (January 1998)
Scott: "All right...all right. I love you kid."
Jean: "Same here, Slim."

Uncanny X-Men #376 (January 2000)
Scott: "There will never be a best time. There will always be another crisis."