Hawkwood Faire 2001 Sixth Weekend

October 6th, and 7th, 2001

Super Barbarian. Guess who. Rose Seller and Security. Fun People.
Bedlam Bards perform on Sunday afternoon at the Green Mans Pub. Hawk played a beautiful rendition of Lucky Man. The Blarney Brothers rocked Saturday night giving away Glow sticks, Green Hats, and T Shirts. A lone bagpiper in the Green Man pub area.
Dragon Trybe and their fiery show on saturday night. A lit mortar and musical pans.
Dragon Trybe and their fiery show on saturday night.
Private Quarters. This shoppe features beautiful fantasy photography and portraits.
A sweet maiden sits in the green man pub area. The Dulaney Rose Stage. Amazing things can be found in the trees around Hawkwood.
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