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Queen Mab's Castle: A Miranda Richardson Fan Site

Queen Mab's Castle
A Miranda Richardson Fan Site

"Mab is the queen of rocks, and I didn't think she should speak perfect english" - Miranda Richardson

Welcome to Mab's Castle...


To me Queen Mab was not an 'Evil' character in the NBC movie "Merlin". On the outside she appeared that way, as a person who would do anything (even kill) others to get what she wanted. It is my opinion that Mab didn't really realize what she was doing was wrong. In a way she seemed innocent, almost childlike in her ways of simply 'not wanting to be forgotten.' She wanted to restore the old faith that once took over the land. Which was Paganism. To her it was all she had known. Like many people, Mab would stop at nothing to get her way. Afterall how many people want to be forgotten? She knew she'd be forgotten if she didn't find a way to convert the people back to the old magickal ways. I guess theres a bit of Queen Mab in us all ;)

Welcome to my page, it is dedicated to the many faces of the brilliant British actress Miranda Richardson. She's amazing. Just look at the variety of roles she's played, she's proved she can do it all perfectly: fantasy, action, romance, drama, comedy, everything. All I can say is WOW! Miranda plays her characters so well that it's hard to believe she isn't really them in real life. Maybe this site will help uncover the real Miranda. To sum it up she's just awesome and thats all there is to it!!

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Isn't Mandy lovely???

Site News:

11/17/05: I've had to switch the site back over to the original layout... the re-vamped site was deleted due to a failure with the host. Hopefully in a month or two I'll be able to re-launch the prettier/newer version of the site. Sorry for the current eyesore.

I did want to mention a current Yahoo! Auction that is taking place... a wonderful lady is selling a lot of little AVON bears which benefit a wonderful cause, Breast Cancer Awareness. All proceeds of the auction are donated to Avon's Breast Cancer foundation. Best of all there is a bear signed by Miranda herself. I feel very moved by what this lady is doing so I am goign to do all I can to promote her auctions.

Please click the image above to visit the Miranda-Bear auction. Also be sure to visit her seller page to view other celebrity-signed bears that she has for auction.

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Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2000 7:00 pm CST here

Here is my lovely Mandy autograph, click here to see the enlarged version.

Please be sure to join the Discussion Group, believe me if you are a fan this is something you definately want to join! You'll get the latest news and be apart of our chats, plus you'll meet some really great people too.

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