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days 'til my B-Day.

Hi.This page is about me.Here you can see my latest pictures, stories and other things.

As you can see above the earth orbits around my me =ř


Hi.I was born in 1986 on the 15th of may in Washington, D.C., USA.I like to travel,fish,swim,talk online, go to movies,work on my website...... .I have 3 sisters but no brothers which I think really sux.I have been going to a german school all my life because my parents are from Austria and we mostly speak german at home.My screen name is MastaCozmo and my E-Mail is is my first website so it might not be the best ones there is but im satisfied with it for now. =ř >

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My Vacation in florida

On April 6-22 2000, me and my family left for florida in easter vacation. Using the amtrak auto train for over 19 houres we finally reached our first stop in orlando.There we got to stay in a kid suit hotel witch had 2 swimming pools, 2 hot tubs, a tv and play station in every room and an arcade.After using every thing possible in the hotel we finally whent to bed because we had to get up at 7 the next day.After waking up we got ready to go to disney worlds magic kingdom(witch i didnít find that good).There we all whent to the usual places and rides but after about 12 houres of well "fun" we all got tired and left.The next mornig we had to get up at 7 again but this time we whent to the disneys mgm studios.I thought it wa really cool there and the rides were great to.My favorite ride was the rockin roller coaster.I also got to see cool things like part of the original sets of home improvement and 101 dalmations.I also got to see how they do some of the special effects in movies and saw one of theyr cartoon studios.But eventually we all got tired and left for the hotel once more.The next morning we had to get up even earlyer like around 6 to head for miami beach.It didnít take long to get there but finding a hotel that has a room that fits 6 people did.Finally after a long long time we found a hotel that fit 6 people.When we got in the rooms though we saw that it was a big room with 3 king sized beds standing in the middle of it.Because we were staying only one night we decided to stay.After unpacking our stuff we were all very hungry so we decided to go to a place called wolfies that my mom read about.But when we got our food there it was really really awfull and no body finished.After we got back to the hotel we all changed to our bathing suits and headed for the beach witch was right behind the hotel.The beach was pretty cool but after a wile we whet back to the hotel and once again whent back to sleep.The next morning we wanted to reach kye west witch was the reason we whent to florida in the first place.After countless houres in the car we decided that we wouldnít make it after all so we stayed at a motel.Every body else didnít like the looks of the place but I didnít mind it because there was a canal in the back of the place and I decided that I would just spend the rest of the day fishing.When I asked the owner of the motel if it was alowed to go fishing there she said you could but a lot of people had seen an alligator swimming in it though.After thinking about it I thought what the heck and whent fishing after all.The next day we left for kye west again and when we finally got there we rented a really cool house that even had a pool.We spent almost 1 and a half weeks in the keys and I got to do a lot of cool thins like snorkeling in the reafs, para sailing body boarding and other neet stuff.Eventually all good things have to end and so did our vacation.We packed our stuff again and headed home.The funny thing though was that it took us almost 5 days to get to the keys but only about 3 to get backhere.

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