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My old Y2k report

There are alot of rumers going aroud about y2k and at least half of the people are not sure what is really going to happen.Some say nothing will happen and some think the world might even end.I personally think nothing that big is going to happen.As you might know almost everything has some kind of computerchip to help it work.But now that the year 2000 is comming not all of the computers are ready for it becouse it isnt programmed for it or something.Some computers have already experienced the problem of y2k so who knows what will happen on december 31 at 12:00 PM midnight.It is possible that the telephones, the computers and all the other electronic stuff wont work.So all we can do now is wait for y2k to come.My suggestion is to have a flashlight or two, some batteries, some water bottles, some wood for a fire and some caned goods(hey you never know what could happen).Another suggestion is not to be on the streets in New York for the count down into the new millenium becouse there are some people that are going to flip out and maby start a panic attack and you will be stuck in the middle of it not able to get out.So please dont go there if you have read this.