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My old x-mas list of 1999

Ok so this year I thought I'd just get one big thing like this r/c I really wanted and may-by a small thing or two with it.So first I brought my dad to Radio Shack were the car was sold (the car on the right)and then I whent to the store's online-site and showed it to him there.Then I printed out a picture of the car almost every day, always pretending it was a completely new list.Finally my mom, also knowing I wanted the car, said that she was going x-mas shopping(quietly of course so that my little sis didn't hear it)and right before she was about leave I held her up at the door and told her to wait.I quickly printed out the picture one more time and told her about the batteries that one needed to buy seperatly. Now I have a good feeling about the car and if i get it I'll stick a smiley face at the end of this text on dec. 25 and if i dont get it I'll paste a frowny face here. I got it!!