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Government links

Federal, U.S. states, Texas, Harris County, Houston


U.S. government

U.S. Government Information Sources: From the fabulous World-Wide Web Virtual Library. Usually very fast.

Cabinet page: This is my list of the U.S. Cabinet Web sites, with links to their various sections and names of each Cabinet secretary.

White House: There's fluffy stuff on the Clinton and Gore families, but also today's news briefings and useful links and searches galore.

The Constitution: The whole enchilada at FindLaw. Easy to navigate. Searchable.

THOMAS: Library of Congress site containig congressional bills, laws and reports, the Congressional Record, and House and Senate Web services, plus more.

Order of succession: Legal heirs to the presidency from the Urban Legends archive.

U.S. lawmakers

U.S. Representatives list: Alphabetical list of U.S. Representatives. Click on a name for more information.

U.S. Senators list: Thumbnail profiles of U.S. Senators with links.

Texans in Congress

Official Sen. Phil Gramm Web site: An official Gramm Web site.

Official Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Web site: An official Hutchison Web site.

Texas delegation in U.S. Congress: Linked list of senators and representatives from Texas compiled by Harden Political InfoSystems.

Harris County delegation in U.S. Congress: Linked list of representatives from Harris County compiled by Harden Political InfoSystems.

State governments

NASIRE - State Search: Links to government information for 50 U.S. states organized by category and subject. Put together by the National Association of State Information Resource Executives. This informational site features statistics on population, income, and crime in each state. It's easy navigating on this fast site that links you to all kinds of information on states.

Texas government and institutions

State of Texas Government Information: Lots of links. Helpful.

Governor's Office: Gov. George W. Bush's official gubernatorial Web site.

Texas House of Representatives: Thumbnail profiles of state representatives with links.

The Texas State Senate - Members: Thumbnail profiles of state senators with links.

Statewide elected officials: Complete list with addresses.

State of Texas List of Agencies, Commissions and Universities: Huge amount of information but it's alphabetically listed and fairly easy to navigate.

Community Colleges and Districts: Linked list of the schools and districts statewide.

Lottery: This site is the best I've found, yet I've found no site that posts lottery numbers immediately. Easy to get Powerball here, as well as all other states' lotteries. Texas' official lottery site is fairly useless.

U.S. Census: Population and other demographic information about Texas.

Texas counties and cities

Counties list: Official state site, which links each county to sites with lots of census-type information.

Cities list: Official state site, which lists many Texas cities' official Web sites.

Community profiles: Economic development information for select Texas cities.

yeeHa! Texas Cities and Towns Directory: Links to oodles of places you know and some you never likely heard of.

Harris County government

Harris County official Web site: Non-Java version of the site containing links.

Commissioners Court: Profiles of commissioners and information about meetings.

Harris County Office of Emergency Management: Links to emergency information, such as The Situation Report, which lists road closures, school closings and shelter openings, and links to forecasts, traffic and emergency information.

Harris County Administration of Justice: Links to constables, sheriff's office, justices of the peace, county attorney's office, county and district courts and lots more.

Harris County profile: Census-type information and a bevy of links courtesy of Harden Political InfoSystems. Also has linked lists of things including courts, police agencies, a map and more.

Harris County-Houston Sports Authority: The official news about Enron Stadium construction. Lots of linkage. Java-heavy.

City of Houston government

City of Houston: Official Web site for the city. Easy to navigate. This is the low-graphics version.

Houston Services A-Z: Detailed list of departments, offices, officials. Many are linked.

Mayor's Office: Houston Mayor Lee Brown's official Web site.

City Council: The council's official Web site with profiles of council members, meeting agendas and more.

Council district map: Map of the council districts in Houston. Takes a minute to load.

Houston resources: Roundup of various and sundry organizations including local chambers of commerce, port authority and others.

Houston links: Rice University hosts this page of a zillion links to media outlets, schools and all kinds of organizations in the area.

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