*Jam nut and bolt is adjustable for quick set up on any size pipe
*Legs are completely insulated and heat resistant
*Utilizing the built in ground holder, welders can attach up to (2) T-300 type grounds or lug type grounds when welding on large bore pipe.
*Other type grounds are easily adapted to fit the C.B.T. grasshopper
*Manufactured from H.S. steel and CNC cut for that custom touch

$64.99 + S/H

***Rollout Wheel***

*The Patent Pending C.B.T. Roll Out Wheel™ is a tried and true design that will make the lives of fabricators and welders easier.

*The C.B.T. Roll Out Wheel™ has several patent pending key parts (Wheel, Hub, Swivel, and Head)

1. The Wheel - is CNC cut from H.S. steel then TIG welded to a machined and hardened shaft to provide superior strength and to eliminate distortion. Custom designed wheels can be made to fit any application. We also offer our Quick Clamp for welds not requiring flanges.

2. The Hub - is machined for press fit greasable roller bearings to insure a smooth 360° rotation and is tapped to accommodate a grease fitting and a wheel lock. The wheel lock allows the welder to properly “two hole” flanges at any level position.

3. The Swivel - is welded to the hub and provides easy movement from vertical to horizontal with the sealed bearings and machined shaft. When placed in the horizontal position it aids in placing flanges on the wheel and eliminates the need for jacks or an extra person.

4. The Head - has a hand adjustment to allow for leveling the face of the flange or pipe and has a positive locking plunger to lock the swivel in the horizontal position for installing flanges or removing completed fab work.

*The C.B.T. Roll Out Wheel™ is totally insulated from the truck or table by a patent pending high heat and high amperage insulators. This keeps the welding current from traveling through vehicle electronics and also allows the welder to place electrode holder (stinger) on truck bed or table without arcing.

*The C.B.T. Roll Out Wheel™ is available in three models: Custom Mount and Receiver Mount.

*Our Custom Mount comes complete with the wheel, hub, swivel, head and insulators. This allows a person to build their own mounts to fit their needs.

*The Receiver Mount fits into any 2” I.D. square tube. It has a tool tray to hold two-hole pins, levels, bolts, spacers and wedges. The mount has 16” of adjustment in 2” increments to fit many different mounting heights.

Short Mount - Used on welding beds or on a table were tailgate clearance is not needed

Long Mount - Used on factory bed welding trucks. This allows user to open tailgate and clear CBT roll out wheel.

*The C.B.T. Roll Out Wheel™ is designed to withstand everyday use. When welding long pipe pieces or extra heavy fab pieces the use of a jack under the load is recommended.

Custom Mount - $489.00 + S/H
Short Rec Mount - $519.00 + S/H
Long Rec Mount - $535.00 + S/H
(All Above Includes Quick Clamp!)

***Quick Clamp***

*Fully gusseted pipe support
*Adjustable to fit any size pipe
*Attaches to C.B.T. roll out wheel quickly and easily by bolting through the bolt holes and into slots on the roll out wheel
*When used with a chain clamp, the quick clamp allows the welder to attach pipe to the C.B.T. roll out wheel to perform fab welds not requiring flanges.
*Manufactured from H.S. steel and CNC cut for that custom built touch!

Single Quick Clamp - $35.00 + S/H

***Hold Down Clamp***

*The C.B.T. hold down Clamp is built from H.S. steel and has a heavy duty lead screw and swivel pad to prevent distortion when tightened.
*This hold down clamp allows the welder to securely hold any flat, round, square or angle material up to 4 ˝” in diameter on jack head.
*This clamp will hold flanges, 90's, T’s and short pieces of material level and square while person is working or cutting on the opposite end.
*The compact design allows user to store the clamp in a tool box without taking up a lot of space.
* Fits all mass produced standard jack heads.
*CNC cut from H.S. steel for that custom built touch!

$74.99 + S/H

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