Ways To Know You Just Might Be Obsessed With H:TLJ

1.You plan on moving to greece.

2.You make your boyfriend or husband dress up like Hercules,or Iolaus EVERYDAY.

3.You went to New Zealand when the show was still on in the hope you'd run into one of the actors.

4. You ran into one of the actors.

5.You got to work on the set of H:TLJ.

6.You go to conventions dressed as your fav. character.(which is hard to do because you have so many!)

7.You started a fan club.

8.Your webmaster/mistress of one of more sites devoted to Hecules,Iolaus,or one of the actors from the show.

9.You light candles and sit around holding hands trying to contact them(like a seance)......Sometimes you succeed....

10.They inspired you to travel around the country helping others,and trying to evade your evil stepmother Heather.

11.After you saw Hercules play the lyre you bought one and took up lessons.

12.You cried as Hercules and Iolaus literally walked down the beach into the sunset in the last episode.


If you have any suggestions for more of these please email them to us at yisgirl@yahoo.com We'll put your name with it if you want:)

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