How To Know Your Really A Xenaholic/ Xena Nutball

1.When you start to hear the god's voices in your head(especially if they have a 'mission' for you)

2.Your main wardrobe consists of leather and chain mail ,and your fav. sayings are."I have many skills",and "Ares I know your there..".

3.You know all the actors names,their life story,and call them by there 1st name.(very minor actors included)

4.You have aquired every peice of Herc./Xena merchandise there is.

5.You know every episode of all 6 seasons by heart,and know everyone's lines better than the actors do.

6.Your family is by now so used to your obsession that at 1st they were really worried about you but now they hardly notice.

7.All your animals(and/or children)are named after some one off XENA.

8.People you don't even know refer to you as 'that xena girl(or guy)'

9.You assign people in your work/school a character from Herc./Xena/YH/ect. that they most like.a'THat phsycotic blonde in the next cubicle that is always taunting you:Callisto.

B.'That dark,really annoying,possibly evil,but strangely attractive guy you sit next to in history:Ares

.C.Your self obsorbed,very evil boss,who thinks he's the next Bill Gates:Dahok.D.The nice,super strong athlete in gym class:Hercules~~Example of an xtreme Herculean/Xenite

who does this's sentance."Callisto won't leave me alone!She keeps remindin me of that big mistake I made along time ago.I can't get my work done,so I tried to talk to dahok about getting rid of her but all he said was he'd consider it!I wish he'd just chakram her all ready and get it over with!

10.You Know your a Xenaholic nutball and proud of it!


Email me me at if you have any more ideas for these!PLease!

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