****7-28-03 Bruce Campbell (Autolycus) was in a car accident! Go to

***Renee O'Connor signed on for a feature film project titled 'Reality Extreme' about the behind-the-scenes antics of a reality dating show.

**** Lucy Lawless is almost finished filming the Discovery Channel's 'Warrior Women' documentry. Rumor has it she will be in a Rob Tapert/Sam Raimi horror flick.The movie will be called 'Boogeyman',and has already started shooting.Screen Gems will distribute the movie.The movie is being directed by Stephen Kay and is based on a script by Eric Kripke,Juliet Snowden,Stiles White, and Darren Lemke.The movie is about a man who tries to face his fear of a boogeyman that terrorized him as a youth.~~
Lucy also jumped off the tallest building in the southern hemisphere recently, for charity. Her daughter Daisy jumped with her.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*KEVIN SMITH DIED 2-16-02*~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is from The New Zealand Harold! *He died In a Beijing hospital friday in his sleep.His family was with him. He left behind his wife/childhood sweet heart and his 3 children,Oscar 11,Tyron 9,and Willard 3. The Fall he died from occured on Feb 6th 2002 from a height of about 6 stories after he had just finished work on a movie there. He had chosen to work on the movie so he could learn from the stunt man that had worked on 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'. After that he was to start work next month in Hawaii ,on a blockbuster movie with Bruce Willis called 'MAN OF WAR'.It was to be his 'big break'.

* LUCY HAD HER BABY,May 7th.It was a boy named Judah Miro Tapert.

* The Actress that played Varia on X:WP, had a baby boy on Aug. 28th 2002!

*Lucy Lawless(Xena)-was rumored to be hosting a documentry called Gladiatrix to be be shown on the discovery channel Sept. 8th 2002.Apparently she does not host or narrate it,but it is possible she was in the beggining which was cut.More on that later.

*Bruce Campell(Autolycus)-Is in the new movie Serving Sara.

*Renee O'Connor(Gabrielle)-Was very recently in the play Macbeth, in California.She has also died her hair red,and its a little longer now.

*Gina Torres married Laurence Fishburne on one of the lst weekends of september 2002.

**Lucy Lawless(Xena) Guest starred on Bernie Mac .



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