Top ways to know you watched Young Hercules WAY to often...

1.You have a burning desire to name your child hercules,and all of your pets have names from greek mythology/herc. xena,ect.

2.You went to canada and ryan goslings's hometown hoping to find his house.

3.You found his house.

4.You write your own storys,sometimes with you as one of the male cadet's girlfriends.

5.You'd swear the guys are with you all the time!..............they're just invisible....

6.You taped the episodes on a cassette tape so you can listen to them at any time.

7.You're friends know not only about your obsession,but the plot,characters names,actors names,minor characters names,ect.soley from hearing you talk.

8.You introduced your friends to Young Hercules and now they're hooked!

9.Over two yrs. obsessed and still going strong....:)

10.Your fav. songs are the songs ares,herc.,and Iolaus sang in the ep. 'The Prize'.

11.You've petitioned for radio stations to play those songs on the radio.

12. Maybe you succeded.

13.You found a turtle and named it ruff.

14.If your a girl you think Hercules,Iolaus,or Jason is your boyfriend.If your a guy you think kora's your girlfriend(and totally disregared that whole thing about artemis).

15.You've signed the save YH(Young Hercules)petition.

16.You've gotten everyone you know to sign the petition.

17.You email people telling them to put their YH sites back up.

18.You can quote any episode and do so often(especially to make a point).Possible EX.

"1st of all eww,2nd of all there's something fishy going on here and i'm gonna bet it has something to do with you."-replace you with eye and you have an Iolausian quote from the ep.'Me,Myself,&Eye.

19.You taped every episode. can name every episode.

21.You own or run a YH fan club,Computer based or other wise.

22.You downloaded Ryan's'Put me in a car'off Napster.

23.You bought the YH Soundtrack.

23.You Know which songs on the soundtrack go to which episodes in the show.

WAYYY mOre To CoMe!!ChEcK BAcK SoON!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~

If you have any suggestions for any more PLEASE email them to us,we'll give you credit.Our email address is

Bonus*if you can answer this question we'll link to your site(if it isn't porn or anything like that).QUESTION***-in both me and kathleen's 'pen names',yisgirl,&yhsgirl,we abbreviate a little.Can you tell us our names in full(not abbreviated like it is now?,and not our real names either)?I know it's easy,it is if you understand the directions anyway. :) :~)

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