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My name is Kat.I'm a high school sophmore in northwest ohio.I'm 17 yrs. old.I have dog named Kit,and a cat named Puddin.My best friends are Kathleen,Sherri,Rae,Roxie,and Aleisha,and Brandy,Laura,and Tabby are my friends 2.My fav.food is pizza.I really like greek and italian food.I used to watch xena,hercules,young hercules,jack of all trades,dark shadows(I was named after the girl who played Maggie Evans,and Josette).I also like watching shows like Mysterious Ways,Ripleys belive it or not,ect.My fav. characters on Passions are Sheridan,Luis,Theresa,Ethan,Ivy,Julian,and even though Tabby & Timmy usually get on my nerves with their stupidity,I think they add some humor to the show:~)Ok well I think that's it!Any questions email me at yisgirl@yahoo.com .

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