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Panic in the Sky
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Phoney Alibi
Perils of Superman
Superboy pilot
Superman the Movie
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Man of Steel
Superboy (Newton)
Superboy (Gerard C)
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"Underground World"
Superman, Superboy, Superfriends
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    Clark Kent/Superboy John Rockwell Lana Lang Bunny Henning Jimmy Bates Jimmie Drake Ross Elliott Fred Drake Donna Trudy Ellison Jake Ferde Stacy Harris Mr. Martha Kent Monty Margetts Gynner Ferde Charles Maxwell Shifty Barnes Richard Reeves Mr. Edmond Ray Walker Miss Gibson Yvonne White Police Chief Parker Robert Williams

Directed by George Blair; Written by Vernon E. Clark and Whitney Ellsworth; Produced by Whitney Ellsworth, Bernard Luber and Robert Maxwell; Cinematography by Dick Rawlings; Edited by John B. Woelz; Production Managers: Ben Chapman and Joe Wonder. 1961.