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    Superman/Clark kent George Reeves Lois Lane Noel Neill Jimmy Olsen Jack Larson Perry White John Hamilton Inspector Bill Henderson Robert Shayne Professor Pepperwinkle Phillips Tead

Directed by George Blair, Howard Bretherton, Thomas Carr, Philip Ford, Harry W. Gerstad, Lew Landers, George Reeves and Lee Sholem; Writers: Dwight Babcock, Roy Chanslor, David Chantler, Peter Dixon, Whitney Ellsworth, Jackson Gillis, Robert Maxwell, Jay Morton and Leroy Zehren; Produced by Whitney Ellsworth, Bernard Luber and Robert Maxwell; Music by Leo Klatzkin (theme); Cinematography by Joseph F. Biroc, Harold E. Stine and Harold E. Wellman; Edited by Harry Gerstad, Albrecht Joseph and Sam Waxman; Production Managers: Ben Chapman and Barney Sarecky; Special Effects by Thol Simonson; 1952-1957.

    Season 3: 53. Through the Time Barrier 54. The Talking Clue 55. The Lucky Cat 56. Superman Week 57. Great Caesar's Ghost 58. Test of a Warrior 59. Olsen's Millions 60. Clark Kent Outlaw 61. The Magic Necklace 62. The Bully of Dry Gulch 63. Flight to the North 64. The Seven Souvenirs 65. King for a Day Season 4: 66. Joey 67. The Unlucky Number 68. The Big Freeze 69. Peril by Sea 70. Topsy Turvy 71. Jimmy the Kid 72. The Girl Who Hired Superman 73. The Wedding of Superman 74. Dagger Island 75. Blackmail 76. The Deadly Rock 77. The Phantom Ring 78. The Jolly Roger Season 5: 79. Peril in Paris 80. Tin Hero 81. Money to Burn 82. The Town That Wasn't 83. The Tomb of Zaharan 84. The Man Who Made Dreams Come True 85. Disappearing Lois 86. Close Shave 87. The Phoney Alibi 88. The Prince Albert Coat 89. The Stolen Elephant 90. Mr. Zero 91. Whatever Goes Up Season 6: 92. The Last Knight 93. The Magic Secret 94. Divide and Conquer 95. The Mysterious Cube 96. The Atomic Captive 97. The Superman Silver Mine 98. The Big Forget 99. The Gentle Monster 100. Superman's Wife 101. Three in One 102. The Brainy Burro 103. The Perils of Superman 104. All That Glitters