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Unofficial JASON OF STAR COMMAND Appreciation Page
Web page for the sequel series to Space Academy, concerning the exploits of Jason, a soldier of fortune, and the talented crew of experts at Star Command, located in a secret section of the Academy. They are determined to stop the forces of the evil Dragos.

Unofficial ARK II Appreciation Page
Devoted to Filmation's first live-action foray into science-fiction set in the post-apocalyptic future.

Unofficial SHAZAM! Appreciation Page
My site for the show that spawned Isis, featuring the live-action adventures of Captain Marvel.

Unofficial ISIS Appreciation Page
Devoted to the Shazam! spinoff featuring the adventures of Isis, descended from the Egyptian goddess.



If you have a related web site that you would like me to add to this page, please e-mail me. If you will link to my site, I will link to yours.

Web site need not contain Filmation content. The sites on this link page should concern Saturday morning and/or sci-fi shows from the 1970s, so shows like Electra Woman& Dyna Girl, Quark, Logan's Run, etc. would be welcome here.


Lou Scheimer Productions
The official site for Lou Scheimer's new production company. Learn about recent and upcoming projects. This site also contains information about Lou's past work with Filmation.

Seeker Model Kit by Small Art Works
Yes, with these highly-detailed model kits, you can now build your own replica of the Seeker or if you're lazy (like me), you can buy a pre-built, pre-painted one! They have lots of other great kits, too.

70s Live Action Kid Vid
Tribute to live action Saturday morning programming of the 70s, including Shazam!, Isis, Ark II and other live action shows.

Filmation Fan Page
A very comprehensive tribute covering most, if not all, of the Filmation output.

Jim's Unofficial Filmation Home Page
A page paying homage to a mixture of Filmation's live-action and animated output. Also has a message board.

The Filmation Animated Art Archives
Neat site where you can purchase Filmation collectibles, including genuine animation cels, storyboards and even videos of some of Filmation's animated works.

Classic Hollywood Squares
Doesn't exactly relate to this site (unless you count the late '60s Storybook Squares), but many of us who grew up in the '70s have fond memories of this celebrity panel game. Dixon Hayes has put together an outstanding site for this classic American game show!