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Andie // Dawson // Jack // Joey // Pacey

Jen Lindley

Played by: Michelle Williams

Character: The former new girl in town with a hidden
past and some "wild ways" who's now an introspective,
caring girl with a undealt with past

Grams: formerly despised but now very much loved
Father: a workholic in New York City whose actions
inflicted undercurrents of pain through Jen's mind while
masquerading as a devoted father
Mother: a socialite who can't escape her life or be a good

A list that contains many too insignificant not so much romances as encounters for both her and us to remember
"Her Boy Adventure" - Jen and Dawson Leery
"Blind Date" - Jen and Jack McPhee
"Unconventionally Conventional" - Jen and Henry
"Witches' Brew" - Jen and Pacey Witter
"Drunken Loneliness" - Jen and Jack McPhee
"Sexual Fling" - Jen and Charlie Todd
"Rediscovered" - Jen and Dawson Leery

Straying off the path of goodness occasionally only to come back, knowing where her heart lies now
Heading the Bitter Club with Jack
Becoming the confidant to all only to have something
backfire on her
Pushing Grams' buttons, knowing that she's plenty conservative
Running from her past
Being angsty, overdramatic, and overanalytical

"It seems a little sad, really, that I was the girl who's sole purpose was to allow you figure out who you were really in love with."
-#201 The Kiss

"Don't become another cookie cutter, blonde, size 4, rah-rah-sis-bam-boom, mindless, soulless, spineless wench.
Screw these auditions. Screw cheerleading. And screw Belinda McGovern."
-#301 Like a Virgin

"Gee, not to sound like the only typical high school student here, but apparently as the only typical high school student
what's the harm in peeking?"
-#303 None of the Above

"Jack, I've had lovers, I've had boyfriends, but what I've
never had is a boy who is first and last a friend. Who
wasn't secretly trying to get in my pants or wouldn't walk away from me the second I didn't want to sleep with him.
Who liked me for me. Unless you recently decided to be bisexual."
-#305 Indian Summer

"They voted for me because I'm blonde and I fill out my sweater."
-#306 Secrets and Lies

"...until I can learn to look at myself without judgment or condemnation, then you're right: I'm not ready for you. Or for
-#306 Secrets and Lies

"You're right. I don't know what it's like to be in love like that.
I don't know what it's like to completely lose yourself in
somebody else. But I'd like to. And if one of us is younger
than the other here, I don't think that it's you, Henry."
-#311 Barefoot at Capefest

"...any impossible situation is not gonna get any better if you don't do something about it."
-#316 To Green With Love

Pacey: I guess it just hurts, that's all.
Jen: Well that just means it isn't pretend anymore.
-#316 To Green With Love

"I’ll let you in on a little secret about the so-called fearless. We’re not as tough as you think we are. Pacey’s heart is
just as breakable as the next guy’s. Maybe even more so. Considering it was already broken when you got there."
-#320 The Longest Day

"This is some alternate reality where our intellects are sharper, our quips are wittier, and our hearts are repeatedly
broken while faintly in the background, some soon to be out
of date contempo pop music plays."
-#323 True Love

"Jack, are you thinking about a cross-over episode?
Because if so, now's bad timing. I'm a taken woman."
-#402 Failing Down

"Dawson, I really don't need one of your sappy self help seminars right now."
-#402 Failing Down

"Look at that, there he is, our host. You know, on a good
day, he'll ruin your chances of getting into the college of
your  choice, convince you he's the sausage king of
Chicago, and wreck your father's car, but somehow you'll end up thanking him."
-#404 Future Tense [on Drue]

"Let's not delve too far into it because we'll just remember why we're supposed to hate each other."
-#404 Future Tense [to Joey]

"Jack, I think I'm more qualified to pick up trash on the highway than mold impressionable young minds."
-#408 The Unusual Suspects

"I'm still asleep and this is a dream in which you're heterosexual."
-#408 The Unusual Suspects

Jen: (to Jack) Will!
Jack: (to Jen) Grace!
-#409 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

"Girls suck. I mean, it's like they get a lobotomy the day they
hit puberty. I mean, one day you're all milling around
FAO Schwartz in the Rainbow Brite section, next day somebody gets breasts and after that it's all about getting boys to like you and whoever does first wins."
-#416 Mind Games

Jen: I guess that makes me the Boo Radley of this scenario, huh?
Dawson: Exactly. Except beautiful and with breasts.
-#423 Coda

Jen: Did you hear that, baby? You're lucky to have me.
Dawson: That's an understatement if I ever heard one.
-#509 Hotel New Hampshire

Dawson: You've somehow managed to figure out a way to be there for me. And that... uh...I'll never be able to put into 
words what that means to me.
Jen: Listen. I... it's the least I can do for the guy who
restores my faith in the opposite sex.
-#509 Hotel New Hampshire

Pacey: Well, how about this? I would be satisfied if everybody would just do what makes them happy and left
it at that. 
Jen: But the planets would collide, and the sea would boil over with blood. 
Pacey: And don't I know it? But you did seem happy. At least for the first 5 minutes. Maybe not so much after that.
-#510 An Appetite for Destruction

Jen: It's like you haven't known me for the last few years if you think that I'm capable of hurting Dawson. How could you think that? 
Jack: Oh, I don't know, Jen. How can you write your best friend off as a 2-dimensional, beer-guzzling frat boy? 
Jen: It's not--it's not even that anymore. And it's not Dawson, is it? You and I used to operate like this perfect clockwork. You knew how I took my coffee, I knew how you liked
your toast. I mean, what happened to those people?
-#510 An Appetite for Destruction

Jack: What is up, slut? 
Jen: Hmm, not much, big homo.
-#523 Swan Song

Jack: Got this for you.
Jen: Moby Dick?
Jack: Yeah. Yeah. It's a long flight. I figured you'd need something to read.
Jen: But I like to chat.
Jack: I know, and I like to sleep, hence the oversized volume you now hold in your hands.
-#523 Swan Song


Dawson's Creek:

P/Jo currently not acknowledging
their relationship except for a few
witty quips here and there

Pacey Witter:
currently dating Audrey, Joey's
Worthington roommate

Joey Potter:
currently single




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